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Case ID: 20099
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), other farm animal, captive exotic
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Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

County: Adams

Disposition: Not Charged
Case Images: 4 files available

Abuser names unreleased

Earlier this week ACSO Deputy Karren Ewing received several calls from citizens, Natchez PD animal control, and the Natchez Adams Humane Society concerning two llamas, one dead and the other appearing to be severely ill at 64 Sandpiper Road.

After they got permission to check the premises, Ewing and another deputy found no grass, water or food sources for animals in a fenced wooded area. As they approached the fence, they saw a dead white llama and the decomposed body of a black llama. At that point Ewing contacted the Adams County Humane Society's Kathy Fitch, Barbara Platte, legal counsel, Nan Garrison, and veterinarian, Dr. Buck Brumfield.

After examining the dead llamas, Brumfield said that they were too decomposed to perform a necropsy to determine cause of death. Upon assessing the condition of the other animals on the premises and finding them to be filthy and underweight, the owners were asked to surrender the animals to the Natchez Adams Humane Society.

Other animals included a another llama, three sheep, young micro pygmy goat, a mini potbellied pig, several exotic fowl such as McCaws, geese, swans, ducks, roosters, guineas both caged and not caged, and a few cats and dogs.

After discussing the issue, the owners said that they knew a caretaker that would take the sheep, pig and llama. The pygmy goat was captured and now lives on a member of the humane society's farm. The birds, dogs and cats are still with the owners.

Deputy Ewing said that a follow up call revealed that the llama, sheep, and pig had been picked up and that the dogs and cats were healthy, but periodic checks will be made to insure the health and welfare of those animals.


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