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Case ID: 20098
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Jul 17, 2015

County: Saint Charles

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

» Anthony Dean Lampert
» Nicholas Zachary Labath

Two men face animal abuse charges for using shock collars in a way that caused pain to four dogs at a St. Peters dog training facility, authorities say.

The charges relate to incidents last month at Sit Means Sit, at 2901 North St. Peters Parkway, according to court records.

The records said videos of the alleged abuse were submitted to St. Charles County animal control officials. County officials didn't say who took the videos or submitted them.

Anthony Dean Lampert, 45, was charged with one count of animal abuse. Nicholas Zachary Labath, 25, was charged with three counts. The charges are all misdemeanors.

Lampert, of the 1900 block of Tower Bridge Terrace in west St. Louis County, and Labath, of the 3300 block of Woodsway Drive in St. Charles County, could not be reached for comment. Lampert's attorney, Susan Ward, said the accusation against him was inaccurate but declined further comment. It was not clear whether Labath had an attorney.

According to a court record, Labath knowingly used a shock collar device "to cause pain and suffering" to two Labrador retrievers. He was seen misusing the shock collar by administering repeat shocks "to the point the dogs yelped in pain," the court record said.

Authorities said one of the dogs was grabbed by the collar and swung around Labath's body and then slapped in the face. They also allege that Labath used a shock collar device to "unreasonably cause pain" to an Irish setter.

A court record says Lampert repeatedly shocked a Labrador retriever to make it respond to commands. In an effort to get the dog to jump over a makeshift obstacle, the record states, Lampert aggressively pulled at the leash while shocking the dog.

The dog tried to fight by pulling away from the leash and screaming, the court record said.

The Sit Means Sit St. Louis website lists Tony Lampert as the owner and training director and Nick Labath as a trainer.

Doug Bolnick, a spokesman for the county health department, said "appropriate" use of shock collars by pet owners and others "is not illegal" in the county. He didn't elaborate.

He said filing charges against a trainer for animal abuse is not typical for the county.


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