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Case ID: 20095
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull), horse
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Sunday, Aug 16, 2015

County: Clark

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Carolyn Christie

The animals rescued from a home in Neillsville are in rough shape, but are now recovering in good hands.

According to authorities, on August 16 Clark County Sheriff's Department removed 43 dogs and six horses from Carolyn Christie's home after finding the animals outside in 90 degree weather without food or water. The department was previously alerted to Christie's home when somebody called to report dogs on the loose at her property. The dogs were taken to the Clark County Humane Society and the horses were sent to the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation in Pittsville

Staff at the foundation said when they arrived the horses looked like they had been starved. There are still 27 horses left at the home, but it was decided that they are healthy enough to stay for now, but could eventually be removed. All of the dogs are doing well, but there are still four on the loose at the farm because officials couldn't catch them. Neighbors News 18 spoke with on Thursday said they have set live traps.

Christie, who owns the animals, does not live at the home, but the Clark County Sheriff's Department said they've received multiple complaints about the animals she keeps there. Two weeks earlier to the recent incident, Christie refused to let officers inspect her property, and claimed to only have 16 dogs.

"I was very surprised to find out what we found that day," Sgt. Steven Struensee, a Clark County Humane Officer told News 18."I assumed that we would find animals and dogs, but the living conditions that we discovered were completely inappropriate."

The sheriff's department said the floors of the house were covered in feces and urine. Officers said they hope to have animal neglect charges forwarded to the district attorney by Friday. Christie has until Tuesday to petition to have her animals returned.

The Clark County Humane Society and Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation are accepting donations to help cover the cost of housing the animals. The humane society can be reached at (715) 743-4550, and the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation can be contacted at (715) 884-2215.


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