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Case ID: 20077
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014

County: Anderson

Charges: Summary
Disposition: Civil penalty imposed

» Preston Hawkins
» Brittany Stephens

Two people have been cited after police said a dog was brought to a local veterinary clinic where it was determined to be underweight and suffering from an unknown back injury.

According to Anderson police they were called to Magnolia Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday after a woman brought in the dog she said was living in "horrific conditions" and without adequate food or shelter.

The woman said she offered to provide straw and food for the dog that was at a home at 214 E Street in Anderson, and eventually she was able to purchase the dog, named Chocolate, and a puppy for $73, according to Anderson police.

The woman then brought the dog to the vet where they said the dog should weigh 50 pounds, but it was 30 pounds, according to police.

Police said the woman told them there were six remaining dogs on the property. When deputies arrived at the residence they only found one dog that they said appeared to have a shiny coat, a well maintained diet and was well kept.

Preston Hawkins and Brittany Stephens, who lived at the house, were both cited for "animal care generally" for the condition of Chocolate under the city's tethering ordinance.

The city of Anderson ordinance is as follows:

1. Sec. 18-49. -- Animal care generally. (a) No owner, possessor or person having the charge or custody of any animal shall fail to provide sufficient wholesome food; clean, fresh water; proper shelter and protection from the weather; veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering; and humane treatment. An owner, possessor or person having the charge or custody of any animal shall at all times maintain a clean shelter and living area, free of accumulated waste and debris so that the animal shall be free to walk or lie down without coming in contact with any waste or debris. (b) Proper shelter includes a structure appropriately sized for the animal to stand or lie in a normal manner. The structure must adequately protect animal from harsh weather; at a minimum, it shall have a roof, four sides, and an opening for ingress and egress.

Police ask the pubic to report animal abuse to Anderson County Emergency Services at 260-4444 or to Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.


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