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Case ID: 20054
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Sunday, Jun 30, 2013

County: Allen

Disposition: Alleged

» Chelsey Ormsby
» Cameron Marcum

Two people are facing charges for torturing or mutilating an animal, cruelty to an animal, and harboring a non-immunized dog.

According to court records, sometime between June 2013 and October 2013 Chelsey Ormsby and Cameron Marcum abandoned a dog in their home.

Police found the decomposed dog when officers went to serve arrest warrants in October for Ormsby and Marcum at their home in the 5500 block of Allendale Drive. When officers were clearing the house, they found the body of the dead dog in a bedroom under a child's bassinet. There was a large amount of feces and scratch marks all over the wall from where the dog was trying to get out.

The couple said the dog had died about six weeks ago. Ormsby said the dog, Tito, was about a year old. Marcum admitted to hearing the dog bark and scratch at the door. He said he did not feed the dog or let it out of the bedroom.

In an interview, Ormsby said she stopped feeding the dog and that they put Tito in the bedroom because he started fighting with their other dog over food, and they didn't like him anymore.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control Officers collected drywall from the room as evidence. A local veterinarian said Tito would have suffered pain as he starved to death.


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