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Case ID: 20029
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat
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Monday, Jan 13, 2014

County: Saint Louis

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

» Linda Mitchell
» Kristina Mitchell

Two women have been charged with animal abuse after police officers reported finding 17 cats in their motel room and car.

Charged Thursday were Linda Mitchell, 60, and her daughter, Kristina Mitchell, 26, both of Buckley Meadows Drive in the Mehlville area of south St. Louis County. The charge, a misdemeanor, is from an incident that was reported Jan. 13 at a motel in Fenton.

County police reported that officers found 14 cats in their room at the Super 8 Motel, 650 South Highway Drive, and three more in their car. Officers said the room was filled with trash and debris, smelled of urine and feces and had no water or food bowls for the cats.

Motel managers had noticed a problem and called police.

The county animal control agency took the cats. A veterinary exam showed they suffered from neglect, police said.


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