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Case ID: 20011
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: horse, cow, other farm animal, chicken
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Thursday, Apr 17, 2014

County: Wayne

Disposition: Alleged

Abuser names unreleased

Wayne County Animal Cruelty officers seized sixteen horses from a farm in Sodus.

Lollypop Farm sees tons of people wanting to adopt animals regularly but the horses there now cant be adopted just yet. They are evidence in an animal cruelty case. Sixteen horses, along with a cow, 17 chickens, a mini-horse, ducks, geese, turkeys and a peacock were seized Thursday from Cindy Denniger's farm in Sodus.

Tom Littlefield, a Wayne County Animal Abuse Investigator, said all of the animals were emaciated, some had injuries such as serious puncture wounds and one horse couldn't even walk due to a potential broken leg, after living in poor conditions and eating moldy corn.

"According to Denniger, none of the animals had been treated by a veterinarian," Littlefield said. "Two other dead horses were discovered piled up on the property. They died as a result of eating "bad" hay."

"You always want to give people a change to correct if there is an issue when you get a cruelty complaint," Lollypop Farm and Safety Manager Joanna Dychton said. If there is a chance to educate and help them fix the situation that's the first step."

Officers were called out to the Sodus farm many times before. Dychton says some were race horses and one that has a broken leg still has the horse shoes on its hooves from a race in October. Now, veterinarians need to determine if these injuries are fixable, if not, they could be euthanized.

"You want to do that last but unfortunately sometimes that has to happen," Dychton said.

Lollypop farm is doing everthing they can to rehabilitate the un-groomed horses.

"It's alwasy nice when they see the hay wagon coming and they walk over and recognize you have food," Dychton said. "The fact that they weren't provided with a lot of food they were eating fence posts and hay."

The rest of the animals went to Cracker Box Palace, a resuce in Wayne County. Officials are asking for any kind of donation to help keep these animals alive. Littlefield says criminal charges are pending against Denniger and they are awaiting the results of the veterinarians evaluation."


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