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Case ID: 19996
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), bird (pet), rodent/small mammal (pet)
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Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014

County: Douglas

Disposition: Alleged

» Catherine Moore
» Thomas Moore

Two Douglasville residents are facing 133 charges, including animal cruelty, after investigators raided their home and found 49 animals.

Officers took out 16 dogs, six cats, 26 birds and a ferret.

"The conditions were unsanitary," said Frances McMillan, the animal control manager at the Douglas County shelter. "A lot of feces and a lot of urine and the smell in the house was overwhelming."

McMillan said officers raided the home after receiving an anonymous tip.

"I didn't sleep the night that we impounded the animals," McMillan told CBS46 News. "I just couldn't get it out of my mind."

Catherine Moore, 48, and Thomas Moore, who is believed to be her husband, are now facing charges.

Catherine Moore remained in jail Friday. Police said she was already on probation for animal cruelty and had been ordered not to have any animals.

"I think a lot of people are afraid that animals are going to be euthanized in shelters and they're trying to help, and they get overwhelmed," said McMillan.

She said all of the animals appear to be healthy and could be up for adoption as soon as the court cases are settled.

"We're committed to finding all these animals homes," said McMillan. "We will not euthanize any of these animals. I feel like they're all precious, adoptable."

The two are due in Douglasville Municipal Court on April. 10.


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