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Case ID: 19985
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Thursday, Feb 6, 2014

County: Rockdale

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Six pit bull dogs are sitting in animal control after being found tied up on land not far from an elementary school.

This is one of 6 pit bulls taken in by Rockdale County's Animal Control. Department of Natural Resource officers were called out to a property on Flat Shoals Road in Conyers about the dogs. The property sits about a quarter mile away from Flat Shoals Elementary School, just down the street.

"It was called in, six dogs chained to trees," said Ciji Baker, with the Rockdale County Animal Control.

The property owners of the heavily wooded lot told DNR officers the dogs did not belong to them, though they were found with dog houses, water and many empty bags of dog food -- a sign that they were being cared for. But officers also found other suspicious items at the scene.

"Then there was some iron supplements, de-wormer, Ivermectin and things like that found on scene," Baker said.

Ivermectin is usually used for heartworm preventative, de-wormer, the iron supplements are known for energy and bulking dogs up.

Rockdale County's Animal Control manager told Channel 2's Wendy Corona past cases of animal abuse in preparing dogs to fight that he has seen have been known to use those types of products. Corona noticed scarring on a couple of the dogs faces, but authorities say it's not certain if the animals were fighters or being preparing to fight.

Strays taken in are guaranteed 72 hours, but the six will be given more time considering the circumstance.

"We actually do not adopt out pit bulls to the general public, but we do work with several rescue groups," Baker said.

The group of six dogs will remain at the facility, giving the owner ample time to come forward and retrieve the dogs. It also gives the rescue groups time to look for possible new homes for them.


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