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Case ID: 19921
Classification: Throwing
Animal: cat
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Sunday, Apr 7, 2013

County: Westchester

Charges: Felony CTA, Felony Non-CTA
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Craig Morejon

A man accused of throwing a 5-week-old kitten from a third-story window in Yonkers in April said Thursday that he is "getting back on track to becoming a model citizen -- though authorities said there remain warrants out for his arrest after he fled the scene of the defenestration and was never taken into custody.

Craig Morejon apologized for the incident in emails to The Journal News, saying that he and his wife suffer from mental issues that stem from "abuse and trauma from times (past)."

Morejon was in a dispute with his wife April 7 when he allegedly tossed the kitten, named Precious, from the window of a Waverly Avenue apartment. Precious, who was rushed to the Westchester Animal Hospital in Mount Vernon, was found with teeth pushed through the bottom of her mouth, though she survived the incident.

Morejon has been charged with two felonies related to the incident, criminal mischief and aggravated animal cruelty, but has never been caught. The incident, Morejon said, had cost him dearly. He is now separated from his wife, who is "with child."

"I'm not a celebrity or some superstar," Morejon wrote. "I am someone who's suffered spiritually and mentally for many years and have decided to take a stand to improve the quality of my own life, health and mental condition. I can assure you that I've done nothing but lose in this situation. … I am now homeless."

Ernest Lungaro, the director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Westchester, said Thursday that authorities were still interested in locating Morejon.

The April 7 incident started, Morejon said, because his wife "perceived a threat" from him, though he had not tried to harm her.

She picked up a kitchen knife, forcing Morejon to defend himself, he said, apparently around the same time the kitten was tossed.

"This is by no means an attempt to downplay my actions, as a fight did ensue," Morejon said, adding that the fight was over "information that was withheld from me before we got married," without elaborating.


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