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Case ID: 19885
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013

County: Putnam

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 3 files available

Alleged: Paul Donahue

Members of the Putnam County SPCA have arrested a 57-year-old Kent man in connection with the animal cruelty case of a malnourished dog.

Paul Donahue is accused of allowing the 3-year-old Doberman he was watching to become "extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and malnourished," according to the SPCA. The agency reportedly conducted a two-month investigation before arresting Donahue on the misdemeanor animal cruelty charge: one count of failing to provide sustenance.

Officials say the defendant was given custody of the dog, Henrick, in July 2012, by an Ulster County resident. The foster arrangment was made through Craig's List.

"When the dog was picked up by the owner in mid-February 2013, Henrick was found to be extremely emaciated, dehydrated and malnourished," the SPCA said. "A veterinary examination found the dog to be approximately 20 pounds underweight, which is one fourth of the dog's entire body mass. The dog had remained under veterinary care for several weeks and no other underlying medical conditions were found that would lead to its emaciation or dehydration other than neglect."

The dog, who has gained weight and returned to a healthy state, is back in the owner's care.


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