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Case ID: 19732
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull)
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Monday, Jul 9, 2012

County: Cook

Disposition: Not Charged

Abuser names unreleased

Berwyn police say the city's checked on this house in the last six months because of complaints but Monday afternoon, they finally got inside.

Once there they found 33 cats, 3 dogs plus the associated feces from those animals.

The animals, all of which alive but some in shaky health, are at a Cicero animal shelter being checked by veterinarians. A few cats are still in the house too wise to be caught. Traps a set to capture them safely.

"We're treating this scene as a bio hazard we're deeming it uninhabitable until further inspections when it is cleaned up," said Chief Denis O'Halloran of Berwyn Fire Dept.

That will be a welcomed day for those who live nearby, who, even with this unpleasant discovery, couldn't say anything bad about the neighbor, who lived with this smelly secret for the last several years.

"There's certainly a mental illness involved. We're in the process of getting help for the citizens who live in the home," O'Halloran said.


  • WGN - July 9, 2012

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