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Case ID: 19713
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Jun 1, 2012

County: Montgomery

Disposition: Open
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Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

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The Montgomery County Resource Center investigates more than 1200 cases of dog cruelty every year. Now, a West Carollton woman is calling on the animal shelter for help.

"It does disgust me. I cried. It was really heartbreaking.," said Chelsea Adkins.

She and her husband tossed out their trash Sunday evening at their apartment complex on Wendy Way, when they heard a noise coming from inside a trash bag in the dumpster. When they opened it, they found a tiny puppy inside.

"We took the trash bag out and went through it. She was on the bottom, covered with food, beer bottles, and some of their mail," said Chelsea.

She's shocked someone could be so cruel.

"People are evil. I don't know how anybody could do that, especially to a baby, a newborn. She can't even see yet," Chelsea said.

Chelsea said she took the puppy to three different vets and they all say she's healthy. She plans to give the puppy a good home, "We're in love with her. We can't get rid of her, especially after taking care of her."

But, she still wants the person responsible for throwing this puppy away to pay.

"I'm just hoping that they get caught. I don't want them to do it again and somebody just not notice it and a puppy just lay in there and die," said Chelsea.

She contacted The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center Wednesday night. Investigators are expected to come out to her apartment Thursday.

Case Updates

Grace, a white puppy found in a Dumpster a few days ago, is up and about these days and has doubled in weight.

Marked for death until Chelsea Adkins and her husband found the source of the whimpering they heard coming from the container, Chelsea told News Center 7 she hopes a piece of mail found with the dog will lead the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center to whoever left the puppy behind -- in a tied garbage bag.

"I cried. It was really sad. I just don't understand how anybody could do that to an animal, especially to a baby but to any animal," she told News Center 7's Kate Bartley on Friday.

Mark Kumpf, Animal Resource Center director, said, "We don't know why it happened. We're not sure if maybe they thought the animal was already deceased or it could be something far more serious than that, in which case they discarded a live animal."

Veterinarians said the pup was two or three days old when she was plucked from among the beer bottles and old food, too young even to accurately identify her breed.

"She's walking around, which is really good. They said they aren't normally doing that at this age," Chelsea said.

She and her husband decided on the name Grace.

Whether the owner is found or not, Chelsea said she and her husband are attached to the pup and will keep her because whoever left her behind: "They don't deserve to have animals if they're going to do something like this."
Source: WHOI - June 4, 2012
Update posted on Jun 4, 2012 - 2:51AM 


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