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Case ID: 19706
Classification: Shooting
Animal: cat
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Prosecutor(s): Mackenzie Wallace Smith
Defense(s): William J. Gallagher
Judge(s): Chester Darlington, Howard F. Riley Jr.

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Thursday, Apr 5, 2012

County: Chester

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Jeff Jones

A Malvern man has been charged with shooting a neighbor's cat.

Nearly 11 cats have been killed in Chester County since last fall.

The incident happened in the unit block of Winding Way. A woman had complained that someone had shot her pet cat "Flip" with a pellet gun Thursday.

"It went through the abdomen and into the kidneys as well as shattered the cat's hip which led to the cat having to be euthanized," explained Cheryl Shaw from Chester County SPCA.

Investigators would later question neighbor Jeff Jones who sources say admitted to shooting the cat.

Sources say that he seemed proud of doing so, and told them that he had earlier shot a couple of other cats.

"He just didn't care for any cats coming on to his property," said Shaw.

There were people inside Jones home Friday evening, but no one answered.

The Chester County SPCA encourages anyone having problems with stray animals wandering around on their property to call them to have them removed.

"And we can get a trap, and we can capture them that way. We can remove the problem that way," Shaw said.

This cat is one of at least 11 that have been brutally killed in Chester County since September.

Back in late November, Action News reported on another family's pet cat, Furball, who was shot with a pellet gun. The 10 year old orange Tabby was left paralyzed and had to be euthanized.

Authorities are still looking for the person responsible.

"We also urge people that have cats to keep their cats inside," said Rich Britton from the SPCA. "Research shows they have a lot healthier life and they won't be subject to predators of all kinds that are out there."

Investigators say they will continue to investigate Jones claims that he shot two other cats.

Meanwhile, he is being charged with a first degree misdemeanor which carries with it a $1,000 fine and up to two years in jail.


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