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Case ID: 19694
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Judge(s): Catherine Rogers

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Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010

County: Laramie

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Andrew Robbins

A circuit court judge on Monday rejected a plea agreement involving a local man accused of animal cruelty.

Andrew Robbins, 37, was cited Nov. 10 after animal control seized his 4-year-old Great Dane and Labrador mix and a Boerboel that were described as severely underweight.

Attorneys in the case reached a plea agreement in January stipulating that Robbins would be given a 301 deferral in the case. That meant that if he didn't violate the terms of his probation for one year, the charges would not show up on his record.

But Laramie County Circuit Judge Catherine Rogers denied the plea agreement Monday, saying it was not an appropriate case for a deferral.

She said she would allow Robbins to withdraw his guilty plea, which he made as part of the agreement, and set a scheduling conference for Feb. 17.

Robbins' attorney, Dameione Cameron, said at the hearing that he would be filing to withdraw the plea and anticipated requesting a jury trial. He added that he needed time to talk it over with his client.

Rogers requested a hearing Jan. 20 to hear from both attorneys and Cheyenne Animal Shelter manager Rob Shank about the animals and what led up to the citation.

Cameron said at that hearing that he had veterinary records showing the Great Dane had always been underweight but had been to the vet on many occasions and was up to date on its immunizations.

Assistant district attorney TJ Forwood said at the time that he had seen the records and was willing to go along with the plea.

Shank told the judge that volunteers at the shelter had worked around the clock to feed and walk the emaciated dog and get her up to a healthy weight.

After about a month, she had gained 40 pounds in their care.

No formal information has been filed with the court; only the citation is on record.


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