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Case ID: 1966
Classification: Beating
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Thursday, Aug 28, 2003

County: Columbia

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Ronald E. Grotzke

On 8/28/03, 53-year-old Ronald E. Grotzke allegedly hanged his dog from a clothesline and beat her to death. Grotzke was reportedly punishing the animal for biting his wife's nurse on the hand earlier that day.

ADA Long offered Grotzke a deal, whereby felony charges would be dismissed if he pleaded no contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals. Grotzke accepted the deal, and was fined $707 with no probation or conditions of owning or harboring animals, nor was he ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation or anger-management classes.

Grotzke admitted he had punished the dog in a similar fashion years before. ADA Long's office states financial considerations, time constraints, the defendant's clean record and the fact that the dog had bitten somebody that day, were the main grounds for what she considered an inexcusable light-handed "prosecution".


  • Columbia County Courthouse

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