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Case ID: 19641
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment, Vehicular
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

County: Union

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Shelly Leann Vinson

A Jonesville woman who runs a dog grooming business is facing charges after a dead dog and two uncared for dogs were found in her locked business while she was away, according to Union police.

The police incident report says that 32-year-old Shelly Leann Vinson, owner of Classy Pet Grooming on the South Duncan Bypass in Union, is charged with two counts of ill treatment of animals.

The charges follow the death of a dog at the business sometime between May 2 and May 8.

John Johnson, 71, of Whitmire, told police that he had dropped his dog off at Classy Pet Grooming. Johnson said he became ill, suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. He said he tried repeatedly to contact Shelly Vinson, the owner of Classy Pet Grooming, but he was unable to reach her.

Johnson said when he got out of the hospital he went to the business to check on his dog. He said no one was there, so he looked through a window and saw his dog, which appeared to be dead, inside a kennel, so he called police.

The incident report said that the police officer saw the dead Border collie, along with two other dogs that were inside the business and two dogs that were outside in a kennel.

While Johnson and the officer were at the business, two women arrived who said they were there to meet Vinson. While the officer was talking with the women, one of them got a call from Vinson. The officer got on the phone with Vinson. She told the officer that she had tried to take Johnson's dog for a walk on a leash earlier in the day, but it got away from her and ran away. She said she later found the dog down a nearby hill, dead under some bushes, so she picked it up and carried it back to the business and put it in the kennel.

Vinson said she turned the air conditioner down low "so it wouldn't stink inside the business."

Vinson said she tried to call Johnson's sister, but was unable to reach her. She told the officer she also called a veterinarian, as well as animal control during the time that the dog was missing. Vinson told the officer she was out of town and was not coming to the business.

An animal control officer removed the other four dogs from the business. Two of the dogs were returned to their owner.

The arrest warrant said that Vinson "did inflict excessive pain and suffering on a dog in her care which led to the dog's death while locked in a cage in her place of business."

A second arrest warrant said that on May 8, Vinson left two small dogs locked inside her business, and there was feces, urine and trash throughout the building and the dead dog in a kennel that was bleeding from its nose and mouth.

Vinson was being held at the Union County Detention Center with bond set at $6,000. She was still in jail as of Monday morning.


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