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Case ID: 19600
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Abuse was retaliation against animal's bad behavior
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Friday, May 27, 2011

County: Shawnee

Disposition: Not Charged

Person of Interest: Shaun Sixkiller

A Topeka police officer shot and killed a dog Friday morning after it jumped a front-porch bannister at 1524 S.W. Collins Ave. and came at him, police said.

Capt. Jerry Stanley said officer Shaun Sixkiller killed the dog, which wasn't on a leash, with a single shot from his department-issued 9 mm handgun at 8:45 a.m.

Stanley said the dog was shot after going from the front yard of 1524 S.W. Collins into the front yard just to its north to follow Sixkiller as he backed away. Neither front yard was fenced.

Stanley said Sixkiller's supervisors and shift commander were investigating and would forward information about the incident to the police defensive action review team, which would decide if he acted appropriately.

Police interviewed witnesses who included Darel Jackson, a member of a utility crew that was doing work under contract in the area. Jackson told a Topeka Capital-Journal reporter the dog was still in its owner's yard when he saw the officer shoot it.

The dog was named Oggie the Rodeo Dog and was owned by Jeannie Everts, of 1524 S.W. Collins, said Everts' sister, Jodie Heinisch.

Heinisch said, "They shot and killed a dog that was doing its job."

She said police cited her sister in connection with having a dog at large and violating the city's vicious dog ordinance.

Stanley said the incident occurred as Sixkiller was in uniform and on foot canvassing the neighborhood to investigate a burglary that had been reported in the 1500 block of S.W. Webster Avenue. An alley runs between S.W. Webster and Collins avenues in that area.

Stanley said Sixkiller saw the dog walking earlier in the area, but the dog paid no attention to him.

He said that as Sixkiller started walking into the yard at 1524 S.W. Collins, the dog - which was on the front porch - "raised up and was being very aggressive."

Stanley said Sixkiller backed from the front yard of 1524 S.W. Collins into the front yard just to its north as the dog jumped over a bannister and entered the second yard to come at him. Jackson said Sixkiller shouted at the dog as it approached.

Sixkiller considered using pepper spray to subdue the dog but didn't think that would be effective due to the dog's aggressive nature, Stanley said.

He said police officers gathered evidence, took photographs and interviewed witnesses, including members of a team of utility workers.

Those workers included Jackson and Chip Reynolds, who told The Capital-Journal the dog hadn't been aggressive toward crew members as they had worked in the area the previous two weeks.

Sixkiller wasn't suspended by the police department. Stanley said the department has a policy of suspending officers pending results of an investigation when they shoot people, but not when they shoot animals.

Everts said Oggie, who was "half Lab and half bird dog," had never before attacked anyone or anything and was "the best dog you would ever want to meet."

She said she and her sister rescued Oggie off the street about nine years ago.

Everts also said her niece's room is located in the part of the house where Sixkiller's bullet would have gone if it had missed Oggie or gone through him. The niece was inside the house.

"We're going to speak to an attorney about it on Tuesday," she said.


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