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Case ID: 19530
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Monday, Mar 12, 2012

County: Salt Lake

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Veanui Vehekite

A man arrested in connection with the killing of a 15-year-old Riverton girl whose body was found in the Jordan River on March 11 now faces new charges in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred the day before.

Veanui Vehekite, 30, of Stansbury Park, is being charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and cruelty to an animal, court documents state.

Vehekite was booked into Salt Lake County Jail March 22 for investigation of the murder of 15-year-old Anne Kasprzak. He is one of two people arrested in connection with the homicide.

According to the charges filed Thursday, Vehekite was one of three men who went to a Taylorsville home on South Blue Meadow Drive March 12. One of the men entered the house and assaulted the resident who answered the door.

At one point, that man shot at the resident, but missed, charging documents state.

The resident's dog attacked a second man, who was carrying a gun. When the dog latched onto the man's hand, he dropped the gun, then picked it up and shot at the dog three to four times, hitting the dog twice, according to charges.

The victim of the alleged assault was not identified. Police said one of the suspects lost a shoe in the scuffle and all three suspects fled in a dark-colored Chevy Suburban.

A witness told police that on March 12 a dark blue Suburban was abandoned in his driveway and that the same day two men came to the door saying they had lost their shoes in his house. One of the men called himself "V," the witness told police.

On March 13, "a Polynesian male returned to the home and said that he needed to look in the garage for his shoe and a gun," court documents state. "When he was not allowed inside, he became upset and left."

When a warrant was served on that house on March 14 in an unrelated case, officers located a 9 mm handgun wrapped in a brown pillowcase. The witness and other residents of the house denied any knowledge of the gun, police said.

Court documents cite another witness who said she noticed on March 14 that Vehekite had several injuries on his arm that looked like dog bites. She also said she overheard Vehikete say he was worried about losing his gun, that he had wrapped it up and hid it in a house after participating in a home invasion where he had shot a dog, according to the documents.

In connection with the killing of Anne Kasprzak, a witness told police that Vehekite helped move an unconscious Kasprzak in a tarp from a home where it is believed she had been assaulted, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

On March 19, officers arrested Daniel Robert Lehi Ferry, 31, in connection with the killing. He is accused of killing the girl after she refused to have sex with him, according to a jail report. Investigators believe the girl was assaulted, then taken to the Jordan River Parkway where she was killed.

In Thursday's charges, bail for Vehekite was set at $500,000. Aggravated burglary is a first degree felony; aggravated assualt is a second degree felony, and aggravated cruelty to an animal is a class B misdemeanor.


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