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Case ID: 19529
Classification: Burning - Caustic Substance
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Thursday, Mar 1, 2012

County: Greenville

Disposition: Open
Case Images: 2 files available

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Freddy is a tiny, six-week-old Pit bull mix who is fighting for his life.

This 3 1/2 pound puppy was recently discovered by a Good Samaritan who was shocked by the severe burns covering his little face and body.

Freddy was rushed to animal control, who in turn, requested assistance from Noah's Arks Rescue.

The pup, who is little more than the size of an adult hand, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for care. His prognosis the first two days was so dire that the rescue agency did not even let their followers know about him.

They did not want to request funds for a puppy that might not even survive.

But Freddy is a spirited puppy who is showing his rescuers and his veterinary team that he wants to live.

Though is body is covered with burns and despite a massive infection from his open wounds, he is managing to hold his own.

According to Noah's Arks, the veterinarians have determined that Freddy's massive wounds are the result of acid which was poured, or thrown, on him about one week ago.

Suffice to say, this young puppy has experienced more pain and suffering than any living creature should ever have to endure in their lifetime.

In fact, managing Freddy's pain has been the greatest challenge for those who are caring for him. But rest assured, his care-providers are doing their best to make sure that his pain is kept at bay.

His rescuers report that Freddy, aside from his massive wounds, is a typical puppy who loves to be held and cuddled.

That team of rescuers is doing everything in their power to ensure that Freddy's suffering from here on out is minimal.

Freddy is safe and in the best possible hands right now. Anyone hoping to donate towards Freddy's veterinary expenses can do so at this link to his rescue organization.

If anyone has any information about who poured acid on little Freddy and then tossed him away like garbage, please contact the Greenville Police Department at or (864) 271-GCPD / 271-4273 or CRIMESTOPPERS: (864) 23-CRIME / 232-7463.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Greenville Police Department
(864) 271-4273 or (864) 232-7463


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