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Case ID: 19495
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Mar 16, 2012

County: Harford

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Name Undisclosed

Animal hoarding in Harford County. More than a dozen cats and a dog were rescued from a home there.

Andrea Fujii explains that's not all Animal Control found inside.

Altogether Animal Control found nearly 30 dogs and cats at the home, including two that were dead.

Nine beagles are still at the Bel Air home on Lochary Road, where Animal Control seized 17 other animals last Friday.

The Harford County Humane Society now has the 16 cats and a beagle, who they say were living in poor conditions.

"There was probably smells and feces if the dogs and cats weren't getting out. There was probably some disease that was going on in the residence as well," said Blaine Lang, Harford County Humane Society.

They say the rescued animals were living alongside a dead dog and cat inside the home but are in relatively good health - rescued just in time.

"Must not have been good if there were two deceased animals," Lang said.

Homes in the neighborhood are few and far between, but the Humane Society says it was neighbor complaints that sparked the investigation.

They say the dogs were left because they have enough food, water, and shelter. But as the case is under investigation, it's possible they could be taken too.

"I think people do this certainly not intending to be a hoarder but to help the animals," said Mary Leavens, Harford County Humane Society.

The Humane Society says this is not the first time they've taken in the homeowner's animals. Last summer she was fined for having too many but paid the penalties and received them back.

Harford County requires a kennel license if residents have more than five animals. The Humane Society says this homeowner does not have one.

Once Animal Control completes its investigation, the seized animals will be up for adoption.


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