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Case ID: 19492
Classification: Beating, Theft
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012

County: Cherokee

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Juan Diego Furlan

Cherokee County man has been charged in the beating death of his girlfriend's dog.

Juan Furlan, 19, was arrested Wednesday after a necropsy report from the University of Georgia indicated that the dog, a chocolate Chihuahua, died of multiple trauma throughout its body, said Lt. Jay Baker, spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.

The arrest stemmed from an incident on Feb. 22, when the owner of the dog, Precious Phillips, 18, of Woodstock told Cherokee Marshal's Office investigators that she suspected her boyfriend, Furlan, had killed her dog "Hershey," Baker said.

Furlan's mother returned the dead dog to Phillips and told her that her son killed the dog and threw it into a lake in the Harmony on the Lakes subdivision near Holly Springs, Baker said.

Marshal's officers took Hershey to a local veterinarian, who determined the dog had suffered head trauma, missing teeth, a broken leg and broken ankle, Baker said.

Furlan was arrested on March 5 and charged with theft by taking and abandonment of a dead animal, and was released from the Cherokee County Detention Center on bond. He was arrested again on Wednesday on aggravated animal cruelty charges after the necropsy results from UGA were returned, Baker said. Furlan was released on $11,200 bond.


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