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Case ID: 19447
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull), dog (pit-bull)
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Defense(s): Nicholas Harvey,Terence Barber

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Monday, Mar 5, 2012

County: Jones

Disposition: Convicted

» Joyce Nichols Brown
» Glenn Paul Brown

Case Updates: 3 update(s) available

Paul and Joyce Brown are expected to appear in Jones County court today, following the discovery of an alleged puppy mill at their N.C. 41 West home this week. The couple faces more than 60 charges stemming from the mistreatment of more than 80 dogs.

Following a nine-day investigation, authorities executed a warrant Wednesday morning, finding dozens of cages both inside the home and in shelters in the backyards. Capt. Justin Eimer of the Jones County Sheriff's Office said the owners were indiscriminately breeding dogs.

"It's a puppy mill," he said. "Dogs were being sold for profit with poor living conditions."

However, Paul Brown, who wasn't at home when the sheriff's office executed the warrant - along with the Humane Society of the United States and the Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - said he was "set up for headlines."

"They waited until they knew no one would be here," he said during a phone call to The Free Press Thursday. "This whole thing was a setup from Day 1."

"It's not a puppy mill," Brown added. "They said there was no food and water and that's a damn lie. My wife spends five to six hours a day (feeding, watering and cleaning the dogs)."

Kim Alboum, the state's director of the Humane Society of the United States, called it one of the worst puppy mills she has seen.

"We have found animals in absolutely deplorable conditions," she said. "Feces, urine, soaked animals, animals that have had years of neglect, skin conditions. This is a typical puppy mill and it's absolutely devastating."

"No," Brown said about the assertion the dogs' kennels were covered in feces and urine. He attributed the smell to poultry manure used in the field across the street.

Animal Crimes Investigator Tom LaBuda said he received a report of the neglect March 5, after a woman went to the home to purchase a dog. He added the breeder told the buyer the dogs were American Kennel Club-registered.

Brown refutes that claim as well.

"She never made an appointment; she just showed up," he said. "She lied about the conditions."

Brown also claimed several news agencies that were on the scene Wednesday, including The Daily News sister paper The Free Press, had unfairly portrayed him as guilty and alleged WCTI ABC-12 had twisted his words for its report.

"We haven't even been to court yet," he said. "We're already presumed guilty. I didn't know we were living in Communist Russia."

Brown said he is in the process of obtaining a lawyer - without divulging the lawyer's name - in order to have his dogs returned.

"This stinks to high heaven," he said.

The dogs, which are considered evidence, were photographed and examined by SPCA volunteers on site.

"They're being processed into evidence by veterinarians," Alboum said, "and then they will go out to placement partners through the SPCA of Wake County."

Brown added he wasn't even sure the veterinarians, who were on site to examine the animals, were licensed.

"Nobody has showed us anything," he said.

Both Paul and Joyce Brown were released on $10,000 bonds.

Case Updates

A Jones County couple has been found guilty of more than three dozen animal cruelty charges.

Glenn and Joyce Brown were both convicted of 38 counts at the conclusion of their trial in Trenton Thursday.

Earlier this year deputies and animal rights activists discovered nearly 90 dogs on the couple's property.

The judge found them not guilty on 25 other charges.

The Browns were sentenced to two years supervised probation. During that time they won't be allowed to own any animals, and the only animal allowed on their property would be their granddaughter's dog.

The couple will also have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and pay restitution to Jones County for keeping the dogs.

Their lawyer says the couple will appeal the district judge's decision to superior court.
Source: WITN
Update posted on May 24, 2012 - 8:32PM 
We've got another update for you tonight on the puppies seized from Jones County, several weeks ago.

Friday, a Jones County District Court Judge ruled that the couple who supposedly ran a mill in Trenton - are still owners of those dogs, for now.

Our Raleigh sister station reports, the judge put a stop on the adoption process until a bond hearing on April 13th.

Glenn Brown and wife, Joyce - argued that they still own the dogs and should be able to care for them while they're in shelters.

We've learned that a legal document was signed on the day the puppies were taken that says all the animals were surrendered to the shelter. But the judge went against that.

The Wake County SPCA, which has the puppies, has filed a petition against this ruling. The dogs can't be adopted before the bond hearing for the Browns.
Source: - Mar 31, 2012
Update posted on Apr 2, 2012 - 10:01PM 
A Jones County couple accused of indiscriminately breeding dogs at a puppy mill they allegedly ran at their Trenton home returned to jail Friday morning as ordered by a district court judge.

Glenn Paul Brown and Joyce Brown appeared in Jones County District Court Friday morning, only to leave in handcuffs 10 minutes later after Judge Henry L. Stevens IV approved a state prosecutor's request to have the two remanded under a $10,000 secured bond.

The couple, who together face 63 animal cruelty charges on accusations they mistreated more than 80 dogs, was jailed for the second time since Thursday, when a magistrate first set their bail at $10,000 unsecured " a bond requiring zero collateral.

Paul Brown, 65, was appointed Kinston attorney Nicholas Harvey, while Jacksonville lawyer Terence Barber was assigned to represent Joyce Brown, 64. Both Paul and Joyce Brown are scheduled to reappear in Jones County District Court on June 29.

Following a nine-day investigation, authorities executed a warrant Wednesday morning at the Brown's home at 1780 N.C. Hwy. 41 West and found a cat and 88 dogs of various breeds kept in what they called "unsanitary" cages and pens inside the home and in the backyards. Some of the animals were pregnant and all were lacking proper sustenance, said Capt. Justin Eimer, chief of operations for the Jones County Sheriff's Office.

Paul Brown has denied all allegations, claiming he and his wife were set up.
Source: - Mar 17, 2012
Update posted on Mar 17, 2012 - 7:01PM 


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