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Case ID: 19431
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: cat
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Thursday, Mar 8, 2012

County: Warren

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Catherine Wiles

Catherine Wiles, 54, of the first block of Slope Drive in Mansfield Township, was charged with cruelty to animals after moving out of her apartment in Mansfield Village and leaving behind four cats without food or water, township police reported this morning.

Police were called Thursday after neighbors and Mansfield Village staff said they hadn't seen her for some time and heard the cats crying, police said. Wiles had moved out three weeks earlier, police said they learned.

She was mailed a summons, police said. The cats did an unspecified amount of damage to the home, which didn't have a litter box, police said. Charges of criminal mischief are pending, police said.

New Beginnings Cat Rescue assisted in the removal of two of the four cats, police said. Animal control took the other two, police said.


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