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Case ID: 19381
Classification: Fighting
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Saturday, Feb 25, 2012

County: Scotland

Disposition: Alleged

» Jimmy Jacobs
» Frank Jacobs
» Robert Gerald Manuel
» Charles Wayne Oxendine
» James Matthew Blackman
» Clifford Edwards Shirley
» Jamie Oxendine
» Garry Moore Strickland, Sr.
» Don Carl McClain
» Michael W. George
» Samuel Hunt
» David Launta Proctor
» Raymond Junior Locklear
» Ronelle Bowden
» James Colvero Campbell
» Decota Ray Jacobs
» Gary Ray Jacobs
» Christopher Dwayne Manuel
» Tyrone Cecil Gilmore
» Ronteria Delvon Covington
» Ricky Dial
» Tony Jermaine Harris
» Ozell McClain
» Stanley Kevin Anthony
» Antonio Mitchell
» Jamie DeVone Locklear
» Samuel James Hunt, Jr.

The man who is believed to be behind several dog-fighting rings, including one in Maxton that was raided during the weekend, surrendered to Scotland County authorities Wednesday night.

Officers had been searching for Frank Jacobs, 69, of the 8600 block of Ray Locklear Road in Laurinburg, since earlier this week, authorities said.

Jacobs initially was arrested Saturday when officers raided a dog fight in progress at the home of his half brother, Jimmy Jacobs, 40, who lives on the 3500 block of McLeod Drive in Maxton, said Jason Locklear, an agent with the state Alcohol Law Enforcement agency.

Officers arrested 27 people, including Frank and Jimmy Jacobs, who were at the fight that night and seized 18 pit bulls.

Frank Jacobs was charged Saturday with promoting dog fighting, possessing a dog with intent to use it for dog fighting and maliciously torturing a dog.

His bail on those charges was set at $30,000, which he posted, Locklear said Thursday.

Authorities searched Jacobs' home Saturday night and found 13 dogs, many showing injuries and scars from earlier fights, Locklear said. Officers also found equipment used to train dogs for fighting, as well as documents showing past fights, controlled substances and moonshine.

On Tuesday, ALE and the Scotland County Sheriff's Office charged Jacobs with seven counts of promoting a dog-fighting event, one count of possessing a dog with the intent to train it for a dog fight and misdemeanor possession of non-taxpaid alcoholic beverages.

Jacobs was jailed Wednesday night with bail set at $250,000, Locklear said.

Meanwhile, authorities identified the 27 people arrested Saturday and the charges against them.

Charged with being a spectator at a dog fighting event are:

Robert Gerald Manuel, 33, of the 300 block of Bertha Jones Road, Rowland;
Charles Wayne Oxendine, 34, of the 100 block of Performance Lane in Pembroke;
James Matthew Blackman, 43, of the 300 block of J.R. Road in Maxton;
Clifford Edwards Shirley, 24, of Hartsville, S.C.;
Jamie Oxendine, 27, of the 1300 block of Alfords Farms Road in Maxton;
Garry Moore Strickland Sr., 57, of the 700 block of North Chapin Road in Aberdeen;
Don Carl McClain, 53, of Lamar, S.C.;
Michael W. George, 57, of the 3800 block of Doc Brown Road in Raeford;
Samuel Hunt, 41, of the 2800 block of Blue Springs Road in Red Springs;
David Launta Proctor, 40, of Nanjemoy, Md.;
Raymond Junior Locklear, 30, of the 200 block of Haire Road in Raeford;
Ronelle Bowden, 34, of the 100 block of Cedar Court in Raeford;
James Colvero Campbell, 47, of McColl, S.C.;
Decota Jacobs, 18, of the 2800 block of Blue Springs Road in Red Springs;
Gary Ray Jacobs, 47, of the 16000 block of McFarland Road in Laurinburg;
Christopher Manuel, 34, of the 7500 block of N.C. 72 West in Pembroke;
Tyrone Cecil Gilmore, 38, of Hartsville, S.C.;
Ronteria Delvon Covington, 32, of Bennettsville, S.C.

Ricky Dial, 54, of Elrod Road in Maxton, is charged with promoting or working at a dog fighting event.

Tony Jermaine Harris, 35, and Ozell McClain, 58, of both of Lamar, S.C., were charged with charged with being a spectator at a dog fight and marijuana possession.

Stanley Kevin Anthony, 54, of Cleveland, Ohio, was charged with being a spectator and promoting and gambling at a dog fight.

Antonio Mitchell, 48, of the 3500 block of McLeod Drive in Maxton and Jamie DeVone Locklear, 41, of the 300 block of J.R. Road in Maxton, were charged with one count each of being spectator at a dog fighting event and possessing marijuana

Samuel Hunt Jr., 16, of the 2800 block of Blue Springs Road in Red Springs, was charged with being a spectator and carrying a concealed weapon.

North Carolina authorities learned about the activity from Norred & Associates Inc., an Atlanta security firm that operates an anonymous tip line leading to dog fighting rings, Locklear said.

The Atlanta Humane Society is taking care of the dogs, Locklear said.


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