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Case ID: 19379
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: horse
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Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012

County: Grand Traverse

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Danelle Round

Case Updates: 2 update(s) available

A Grand Traverse County woman from Fife Lake has been charged after her seven horses were found starving and sick.

Danelle Round, 39, is facing a one year misdemeanor for abandoning or being cruel to animals. Two malnourished horses had to be euthanized at Round's home. The others are now recovering at local rescue shelters.

This animal cruelty case has outraged the Northern Michigan community, and Wednesday dozens spent hours helping the surviving horses at North Horse Rescue in Kingsley.

Volunteers loaded up trucks with donated hay. Others gave monetary donations and blankets to help the surviving horses.

If want to help North Horse Rescue with anything from just stopping by and grooming to donating money call them at (231) -645-4674.

Case Updates

Danelle Round left the courtroom in handcuffs Friday. The Fife Lake woman was sentenced to 14 days in jail after pleading guilty to one count of Animal Cruelty.

The Judge also ordered Round to have no contact with any animals as well as pay fines.

Police said two of her horses had to be euthanized and five others are still recovering.

7&4 News checked in with Horse North Rescue, where three horses are being nursed back to good health.

"They came here 100 pounds lighter than they are today...and that was 55 days ago…Basically (feeding them) hay and water ... It is amazing what the basics can do. We added herbs, they hare herbivorous, so they absorb those nutrients really easily and we're doing a natural worming process for the parasites they had," said Michelle Smith, Horse North Rescue.

The horses will be adopted out to a "forever home" once they are back to full strength.

There are two other horses that are being treated at a separate facility. They are also expected to make a full recovery.

To hear more from the courtroom click here.
Source: - Mar 2, 2012
Update posted on Mar 3, 2012 - 8:34AM 
Horse North Rescue volunteers in Kingsley, who have been taking care of several horses found sick, tell 7&4 News that they have to return them to the home.

In January, 39-year old Danelle Round was charged with abandoning or being cruel to animals. Seven horses were found sick on her property in Fife Lake. Two malnourished horses had to be euthanized at Round's home. The others have been recovering at Horse North Rescue.

Horse North Rescue says the horses are to be returned to Round's daughter Nakita after she pays all the expenses resulting from their care. Nakita lives with the suspect and has not been charged with a crime.

Volunteers from the organization say the decision is a "slap in the face" to all their hard work nursing the animals back to health.

A trial for Danelle Round has been set for February 21st. As part of her bond condition set by a judge, she is not allowed to have contact with animals or live in a home where animals are present.

As of Wednesday, Horse North Rescue says Nakita Booth owes them about $4500 before she can have the horses back.
Source: - Feb 1, 2012
Update posted on Mar 3, 2012 - 8:29AM 


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