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Case ID: 19305
Classification: Drowning, Other
Animal: captive exotic
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Thursday, Feb 16, 2012

County: Fairfax

Disposition: Not Charged

Abuser names unreleased

The Reston Zoo is a popular petting zoo for families and also hosts birthday parties for children. It houses a variety of animals, such as goats and camels and chickens and emus. And, until recently, a Wallaby, which looks like a small kangaroo.

But Thursday morning, Fairfax County Police executed a search warrant after an employee at the zoo said the zoo director had drowned a sick Wallaby as a means of euthanasia. In The search warrant, the employee told the officer he'd put the Wallaby in a crate, and later observed the empty crate next to a water spigot with a five gallon bucket of water.

The warrant says the employee jumped into a dumpster and found a trash bag containing the deceased wallaby which was profusely wet.

The officer wrote that the director said she euthanized the Wallaby by injection with a drug called Beauthanasia. But, the officer found no blood at the supposed injection site and noted that the dead animal was wet. The director told the officer that they routinely wash and rinse the bodies.

An employee who spoke to nine news now off camera says she's doesn't believe the allegation and supports the director.

If the director did euthanize the animal with an injection, that's also a problem for the Zoo. The officer who led the search found that the Reston Zoo is not permitted to perform euthanasia because it has not completed the required protocol, training, and certification required.

And here are more problems...this is a list of the drugs police seized. They include Ketamine, a controlled tranquilizer used by veterinarians, which again, the zoo does not have a permit to carry.

No charges have been filed at this point. 9NewsNows tried to reach the zoo director, but did not receive a call back.


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