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Case ID: 19289
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Monday, Feb 13, 2012

County: Mobile

Disposition: Alleged
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Alleged: James Samuel Newbill

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office is conducting an investigation regarding a dog that appeared be neglected in a resident's yard.

FOX10 News was there when sheriff's deputies arrested James Samuel Newbill and charged him with animal cruelty. He was taken to the Washington County Jail and is being held on $3,000 bond.

Officials say the dog was at the residence at the time of the arrest. SouthBARK made their way to McIntosh to pick up the dog. It will be taken to Ark animal Clinic in Mobile, where she will receive veterinary care.

Animal rescuers say the dog will remain at the clinic for a couple nights. From there, the rescuers believe the dog will be taken to the Safe Haven Animal Care Kennels , or S.H.A.C.K. They say they think she has a good chance of survival.

The dog was found the day before the arrest, chained up in the yard without food or water in sight. When the dog stood up, you could clearly see its ribs and backbone.

Grimes said a rescue group has made contact with Mobile Animal Control and it is giving the dog over to a rescue group.

The case is under investigation.

Case Updates

FOX10 is continuing to follow the recovery of Bella, a dog vets say has numerous internal and external parasites from being neglected.

Viewers notified FOX10 about the dog which was chained in a resident's yard in McIntosh, Ala.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office was notified about the dog around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, February 14.

FOX10 was at the home when deputies took James Newbill, the dog's owner, into custody that same day. He faces animal cruelty charges and was taken to Washington County Jail. Officials say Newbill is being held under $3,000 bond and a court date has been set for March 26.

Newbill's stepfather is the owner of the property where Bella was neglected.

He had moved out of the house and says since Newbill was arrested, he has come home.

"Some of the tension was relived and my wife asked me to come back," said the stepfather, who does not want to be identified.

The stepfather said the family does not plan to bail Newbill out.

"Maybe after court we can see what transpires, but he'll stay there to court date," said the stepfather.

Washington County Deputy Chief Ferrell Grimes said he plans to appear in court.

"I'll testify on the condition of the dog and what I saw, and the judge can make his decision," said Grimes.

Grimies said even though three others live at the home where Bella was neglected, Newbill is the only person that is being held accountable for animal cruelty.

"He claimed responsibility by saying the dog was his," Grimes said.

In the meantime, the sheriff's office is keeping a close watch on the four remaining dogs at the home.

"We have deputies making daily rounds just looking at the other dogs at the residence. We're just making sure they're still in good shape," Grimes said.

The stepfather says he has always looked after the dogs that belong to him.

"We have these three here and my hound around there you hear barking."

Grimes says in the future, if residents are concerned about a neglected animal, it is best to call authorities.

"There is always that possibility if going onto someone's property uninvited it could lead to trouble," said Grimes.

As Newbill was being taken away, SouthBARK animal rescuers took Bella to Ark Animal Clinic and Rehabilitation Center where she is receiving veterinary care.

Vets say she has gained weight since she was brought to the clinic on Tuesday, February 14.

She is continuing treatment for internal and external parasites.
Source: - Feb 23, 2012
Update posted on Feb 23, 2012 - 11:20PM 


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