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Case ID: 19250
Classification: Throwing, Theft
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Saturday, Jan 28, 2012

County: Gwinnett

Disposition: Alleged
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» Michael Norris
» Michael Norris

A 19 year-old man has been charged with cruelty to animals and theft by taking, after throwing a woman's dog out his car window.

It all started on Saturday night, when 19 year-old Michael Norris began banging on Robyn Aubrey's door. His car had been hit earlier in the day by a PT Cruiser and, after inspecting her car, believed she had been the one who hit him.

Aubrey explained to the man that she had not driven in two days and that the marks on her car were a result of someone hitting her a month before. He continued to argue and she slammed the door, not realizing her 10 year-old rescue dog, Autumn, had gotten outside.

She heard the man say that her dog had gotten outside. Then, he drove away. Once Norris was gone, she opened the door and began to search for her dog. Autumn was missing. Police were called and Norris was eventually found. He told police he had not seen a dog. A witness nearby was able to identify Norris after they saw him throw the dog out of his car window. He later admitted to "dropping the dog off."

Aubrey searched for her dog and did not find her until the following night. After an extensive search, she was able to find her near the woods she had been left at. She was soaking wet and hungry, but not injured.

"This is my dog-this is like kidnapping a child. You basically kidnapped a child and then threw it in the woods, I mean who does that?" said Aubrey.

As far as her car, she was able to back her claim to police with documentation that she had been hit earlier in the month.

"I'm just glad we found her, I'm glad everybody took the time to come over and help us find her and all, and I'm just happy to have my baby back home," Aubrey said.


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