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Case ID: 19244
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
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Saturday, Dec 31, 2011

County: Maricopa

Disposition: Alleged
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Alleged: Michelle Busse

A Peoria woman could face animal abuse charges after letting her dog nearly chew its own leg off, police said.

An anonymous tip on New Year's Eve led Peoria police to the home of Michelle Busse, 22, and found her dog in the backyard leaving a trail of blood from her infected right front leg, police spokesman Jay Davies said.

Busse told police that the dog, Carmela, had been injured in a car accident about a year ago and never received medical care. The wound became infected and she started to gnaw off bottom third of her leg, Davies said.

Carmela was taken to emergency animal clinic, then the Arizona Humane Society where her leg was amputated, and after Carmela was taken to Sun Valley Animal Shelter for her post-surgery care, Davies said.

Carrie Hipskind, the manager of Sun Valley Animal Shelter, said that Carmela was the kind of dog that wouldn't let something like this slow her down. She said some dogs go into a shell after something like this but Carmela was happy and friendly and seemed to just want to move on with her life.

Hipskind said Carmela was a little under-socialized, so a Peoria police officer has been coming to the shelter and taking Carmela back to the station to spend time with the officers.

Davies said Carmela kind of became like a police station mascot.

Hipskind said this kind of abuse happens more than people think. She said earlier this week, even, a puppy was brought into the animal hospital next door to their shelter where the owners had let an infection go and they had to amputate that dog's leg as well.

Carmela is now ready for adoption at Sun Valley near 110 Ave. and Glendale Ave. though her adoption might be done a little differently.

"Any dog that has been through this needs a special home," Hipskind said. The shelter is taking applications, and after they will do a home check of the applicants to make sure she is placed with owners that are a good fit for Carmela.

Information: Sun Valley Animal Shelter at 623-872-7941.


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