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Case ID: 19240
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment, Hoarding
Animal: cat, reptile, rodent/small mammal (pet)
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Monday, Jan 16, 2012

County: Howard

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Elizabeth Lindenau

Case Updates: 2 update(s) available

Howard County Animal Control is investigating a case where 40 dead animals were found Monday in a Columbia house occupied by a woman involved in an animal rescue group, according to a statement from the Howard County Police Department.

Police are looking for the woman they think lives in the house. According to neighbors, no one had been there in more than a week, police said. It is unclear how long the animals had been unattended.

Police responded to the 9600 block of Lambeth Court Monday afternoon when a property manager reported odors coming from a townhouse.

Officers discovered four live animals in poor condition and 40 dead animals.

When Animal Control officers responded, they found 19 dead animals in a freezer, including birds, rabbits, a guinea pig and a hermit crab, according to the statement.

Officers found 21 dead animals total, including birds, cats, rabbits and a snake, in cages and other areas around the home.

The live animals - two cats, a bearded dragon lizard and a gerbil - were impounded by Animal Control and are being evaluated by a veterinarian, according to the statement. They appear to be dehydrated and underweight.

Investigators determined that the animals had no food or water in their cages, nor was it available to animals that roamed the house, according to the statement. There was pet food in the home, but it was not accessible to the animals.

The heat and power in the house had been turned off, according to the statement.

No charges have been filed at this time, according to the statement.

The investigation is ongoing. Police ask anyone with information to call 410-313-STOP.

Case Updates

A Columbia woman accused of cruelty after 40 animals were found dead inside her home was indicted March 14 by a Howard County Grand Jury.

Elizabeth Lindenau, 40, now of the 9400 block of Hundred Drums Row, is facing 69 criminal charges - 24 counts of animal cruelty, 21 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and 24 counts of failure to provide for an animal, according to online court records.

A warrant for her arrest was issued March 15. She is free on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Howard County Circuit Court on April 20.

County police were called Jan. 16 to the 9600 block of Lambeth Court, where Lindenau had lived, after the property manager called about odors coming from inside.

Animal Control officers subsequently found 19 dead animals in a freezer - birds, rabbits, a guinea pig and a hermit crab, plus another 21 dead animals in cages and loose elsewhere, including birds, cats, rabbits and a snake, police said.

There was no food or water in the cages, nor was it available to those that were loose, police said. While there was pet food inside, it was not accessible to the animals. Also, the power and heat had been turned off.

Four animals - two cats, a bearded dragon lizard and a gerbil - were rescued alive and put up for adoption, police said.

Neighbors gave varying timelines for how long the residents at the Lambeth Court address had been gone. Police said the residents had been renting the home.

Investigators eventually found Lindenau in another house in Columbia with a large number of animals, dogs and cats and birds that police said appeared to have sufficient food and water and were being cared for.

Lindenau has been listed as the executive director of The Bailey Foundation, an organization with a Columbia mailing address that rescues, rehabilitates and adopts out birds, according to its website. The foundation has not returned calls seeking comment.
Source: - Mar 16, 2012
Update posted on Mar 16, 2012 - 6:28PM 
Four pets found alive after being abandoned for more than a week in a Columbia home have been nursed back to health and are now available for adoption, according to the Howard County Police Department.

Two cats, a gerbil and a bearded dragon lizard were found alive but in bad shape in a house in the 9600 block of Lambeth Court on Jan. 16.

Officials also found 40 dead animals in the house.

The four pets had survived despite being without food or water for more than a week. After recuperating and receiving necessary veterinary care, the four survivors are now ready for adoption, according to police officials.

In addition to the lizard and white gerbil, two Siamese cats described as a bonded pair are looking for new homes.

Officials are hoping the cats are adopted together.

Residents interested in any of the pets should contact the Howard County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center directly for more information on the adoption process.

Animal Control officials calculate adoption fees based on the actual costs of vaccines and spay/neuter surgery.

The animal shelter and adoption center is at 8576 Davis Road in Columbia. The phone number is 410-313-2780.

Police continue work to determine who was responsible for the care of the animals, according to a police department statement.

Evidence has been sent to a laboratory to determine when and how the dead animals died. Officials expect to receive results in several weeks.

No charges have been filed at this time, according to the statement.
Source: - Feb 2, 2012
Update posted on Feb 3, 2012 - 3:37PM 


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