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Case ID: 19215
Classification: Shooting, Mutilation/Torture, Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
Reward: $3,000
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Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011

County: Maricopa

Disposition: Open
Case Images: 1 files available

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

A small dog found with his eyes gouged out and nearly dead of starvation last month is slowly recovering thanks to his new owner.

Andre the dog was apparently used for target practice with a BB gun and discovered tied up inside a plastic bag inside a dumpster in Phoenix, Arizona.

Susie Hopkins, Andre's foster caretaker, says after surgery his eye sockets are healing well and he has a good appetite.

Andre now lives about 100mi northwest of Phoenix in Sedona with Ms Hopkins, who spoke to animal activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about his ordeal.

'He must have been in so much pain. His eyes were hanging out of his head. He's been so neglected and abused,' she said.

As FOX News reports, the veterinarian who is treating Andre determined he is anemic and diabetic.

Andre received a blood transfusion and is now on insulin.

Ms Hopkins says he is now taking short walks and sleeping most of the day as he recovers.

He is also eating every two hours as part of his recovery, but has warmed to his foster family and enjoys being pet.

Activists have so far raised over $8,700 for Andre's health care via fundraising website

Money will go to Feathers Foundation, a Paradise Valley, Arizona-based non-profit foundation 'created for the purpose of rescuing animals from neglect, euthanasia, and slaughter'.

PETA has offered a $1,000 reward for information on Andre's abuser. The Animal Guardian Network has said it will match that amount, raising the total reward to $2,000, and now Valley animal rights advocates are seeking donations to help make the reward even larger, the reward for information is now more than $3,000...and growing.

PETA Director Martin Mersereau has meanwhile condemned the person responsible, and emphasized the importance of finding the assailant.

Mr Mersereau said in a statement: 'Animal abusers are cowards. They take their issues out on the most defenseless beings available to them.

'Phoenix residents have good reason to be concerned. According to law-enforcement agencies and leading mental-health professionals, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat to all animals-including humans.'

Police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the incident.

In talking to those who rescued Andre, we discovered that he actually was found near 102nd Avenue and Hess Street, which, we're told, is technically in Tolleson, but falls under the P.P.D.'s jurisdiction.

Thinking it could possibly be a case for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, we contacted the MCSO to find out if they were trying to find whoever it is who hurt Andre.

MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong tells New Times that the sheriff's office would have taken the case, but the P.P.D. already is looking into it.

So how is it that Animal Care and Control didn't call police when Andre was found?

Dr. Deborah Wilson, a veterinarian with Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, provided us with the explanation she got from ACC:

The finder of the dog would have been instructed to report the circumstances of how and where they found it when they called in, they called us to come get a 'caught stray dog'. The related to the officer, I believe, that they found a "moving bag" in a field and discovered the dog walking about with the bag over it. Our Field Officer was not able to confirm anything when they arrived to pick up the dog, it was just a stray with his little eyes sealed shut with goo.

The ACC employee went on to say that when Andre was first brought in, he was in so much pain they considered euthanizing him. However, she "soaked all the dried goo off his poor little eye sockets with warm water and he became remarkably perky, he dove right into a bowl of canned food and was happy as could be to have people making a fuss over him."

Now that the confusion's been cleared up, it's time to track down the sicko who did this to Andre and punish him accordingly.

Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Phoenix Police Department


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