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Case ID: 19067
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment, Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Jan 3, 2012

County: McLennan

Disposition: Alleged
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Alleged: Marsha Allsup

The Waco Humane Society is now a lot more full than it was yesterday morning.

Tuesday afternoon Animal Control seized 16 dogs and one cat from a Waco home where they had been abandoned.

"You can see with the hair loss...I mean half the hair's gone," said Humane Society Director Gina Ford.

Animals were locked up in the front yard, the back yard and inside the house at 4648 Wood Ave., left in terrible condition.

"It's pretty disgusting - the conditions in the home, obviously the feces, the animal waste," said Sgt. Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Dept.

He says 50-year-old Marsha Allsup owns the animals. She may face up to 17 charges of animal cruelty once police wrap up their investigation.

There is broken glass on her front doorstep from when officers stormed the house after a concerned citizen tipped them off. They initially reached out to Allsup but did not receive a response before obtaining a warrant.

"It's almost at the point where if we hadn't intervened, then the animals are eventually going to start turning on each other for food," Swanton said.

Five of the dogs have a severe form of mange, a highly contagious skin disease, and they suspect four others also have the disease.

All 17 are currently quarantined, in a shelter where resources are already tight, to keep any illness from spreading to others.

"It's pretty stressful, it's stressful for the staff as well as the animals, because again we're having to work extra hours and to provide extra care," said Ford.

On Monday a judge will decide if Allsup loses custody of the animals for good. If so, they will become property of the shelter and eventually go up for adoption.

But the road to recovery will be a long one.

"There is going to be some difficult rehabilitation for some of these animals," Ford said.

People at the shelter say for the worst cases they're going to need the public's help to get the animals back to full health, whether that be volunteer hours or a financial donation for medical services. If you want to help, contact the Humane Society at (254) 754-1454.


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