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Case ID: 19028
Classification: Throwing
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Prosecutor(s): Jamie Palmer
Defense(s): Anthony Brookman
Judge(s): Andrew George

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Monday, Dec 26, 2011

Disposition: Alleged
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Alleged: Lily Maihi

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An Australian woman who allegedly threw her puppy out of an apartment window 50ft to the ground during a row, has been charged with animal cruelty.

The Staffordshire bull terrier called Kyza survived despite suffering a broken hind leg, internal injuries, a broken bone in his front leg, smashed teeth and head injuries.

Vets in Sydney, who have renamed the puppy 'Will' because of its will to live, described the injuries as one of the worst cases of cruelty they had seen.

Lily Maihi, 24, was refused bail after a court in Parramatta heard she tried to pull the puppy by its paw as it lay on the ground whimpering before a neighbor intervened.

Court documents claim Maihi became 'aggressive' when a friend criticized her for not cleaning up dog muck from the veranda of her flat in the suburb of Kingswood.

It is alleged the woman then 'picked up the dog by its collar' and took him into her bedroom where, using two hands, she threw him out the window onto the concrete below.

A witness went to check on the puppy's injuries, but was confronted by Maihi who then 'took hold of one of the dog's paws and began to pull it.'

When she was told to leave the animal alone Maihi was said to have replied: 'Don't worry, it's my dog.'

She then allegedly went to a phone box and called police to say, 'I threw my dog out the bedroom window.'

The court was told she was currently on two good behavior bonds and only recently finished a suspended jail sentence.

Vet Sarah Goldsmid who is treating the puppy at the Animal Referral Hospital, said: 'He's had some food and he's wagging his tail.

He's still in a bit of pain but he's recovering quite well. He hasn't tried to bite. He's put up with the pain.'

Case Updates

Lily Maihi was set free on bail yesterday as puppy Will continued to recover in a Sydney vet hospital, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Maihi, 24, is accused of throwing the staffordshire-ridgeback cross from her Kingswood unit during an argument with a friend over dog feces.

While the prosecution opposed bail in the "disturbing" case, Magistrate Andrew George said he had to consider bail not on "how horrible the offense is or how many pictures of doe-eyed puppies are presented to the court".

Mr George said that although it was a "particularly unpleasant case", he had to base his decision on whether Maihi was expected to re-offend, answer her bail conditions or whether a jail sentence was likely if she was convicted.

He ordered Maihi not to own an animal, to report to police daily and to reside at her housing commission unit as part of her bail conditions.

Legal Aid solicitor Anthony Brookman said Maihi agreed to surrender ownership of the puppy she had named Kyza so there was no threat to it and would not get another pet.

Police renamed the puppy Will because of his determination to survive after he was found lying crying and injured after allegedly being thrown 15m on to a concrete driveway on Monday night. Maihi is charged with torturing, beating or seriously injuring an animal.

Opposing bail, police prosecutor Jamie Palmer accused Maihi of a level of premeditation, adding she had a number of violent matters on her record.

Maihi was released from Mulawa Correction Centre at Silverwater just before 4.30pm.

She got into a Silver Service taxi and was driven out of the complex, covering her face to avoid the media outside. Later she was spotted walking near her home.

The Animal Referral Hospital's veterinary surgeon Sarah Goldsmid said Will was getting better and gaining weight.

Dr Goldsmid said, based on a study of his teeth, Will was younger than first thought - about four months old.

She said it was a long road to recovery but now the puppy had been officially surrendered into their care, they hoped to find him a new home by as early as next week.

"He's going really well," Dr Goldsmid said.

"He's up and going for short walks out on the grass.

"He's been eating very well and wagging his tail."

Maihi will appear in Penrith Local Court on January 18.
Source: - Dec 30, 2011
Update posted on Dec 29, 2011 - 10:23PM 


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