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Case ID: 19006
Classification: Shooting
Animal: other farm animal
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Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011

County: Middlesex

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

State police are investigating the killing of several alpacas on a farm in Deep River.

Troopers were called to Alpacas at Applesauce Acres at 99 Bushy Hill Road Friday morning after the alpacas were found dead.

State police originally said just one alpaca had been killed, but neighbors of the farm said four alpacas had died. There was blood covering the ground inside the pen where the animals were held.

Investigators also said they were trying to determine if the animal was accidentally shot by a hunter, or if it was an intentional act of animal cruelty. Other animals have been killed on the farm in the past, so police have launched a criminal investigation.

Police do not believe the farm's owners were responsible for the alpaca's death.


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