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Case ID: 19005
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Drugs or alcohol involved
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Friday, Dec 16, 2011

County: Carroll

Disposition: Alleged

Abuser names unreleased

A Taneytown woman is the latest to be charged in a shooting and alleged drug-related armed robbery in Taneytown last week.

Heather Nicole Weaver, of the 400 block of Red Tulip Court, faces charges of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, two counts of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, theft less than $1,000, using a firearm in a violent crime and animal cruelty.

Weaver, 20, admitted to Maryland State Police troopers that she drove four suspects to and from Alan J. Kent's residence in the 3900 block of Old Taneytown Road on Dec. 16 to steal drugs, weapons and money, according to court documents.

Police believe Kent engaged in an altercation with one of the suspects, identified as Trenton Michael Lequire, 25, of the 1900 block of Tyrone Road in Westminster.

Isaiah Michael Martin, 23, of the 1400 block of Heather Ridge Court in Frederick, allegedly struck Kent in the head with a piece of log while Dalonte Shea Dunston, 21, of no fixed address, shot Kent once in a leg. Kent's dog was also shot and later transported to a veterinarian for treatment.

Police believe John Wesley Booth, 25, of the 300 block of Braddock Avenue in Frederick, is the fourth suspect who entered the residence.

Weaver told authorities she stayed in the car while the four suspects entered Kent's residence. She then heard a gunshot and saw a scuffle before the men got back into the vehicle.

She drove them to Courier Court, where they all got out of the vehicle and walked to a residence in the unit block of Grand Drive.

Blood splatters were seen on the front of the vehicle and a blood smear was seen on one of the door handles, according to court documents.

Weaver told police Lequire asked her to drive to Kent's house because she was the only one with a valid driver's license.

She said Kent owed Booth money and made an arrangement to give Lequire pills or money to pay his debt. Weaver said Booth had contacted his friends Dunston and Martin because he knew Kent had a lot of guns and was worried about things going bad when they went to his home, according to court documents.

Charges are pending against Kent after state troopers recovered nine guns and suspected marijuana plants after searching his residence, according to a press release.


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