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Case ID: 18975
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), bird (pet)
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Thursday, Oct 20, 2011

County: Sheboygan

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Debra L. Florian

A 57-year-old woman whose home was condemned after police found more than 50 diseased animals was charged Friday with 34 counts of animal neglect.

Debra L. Florian, of 1108 Indiana Ave., could face up to nine months in jail on each of the misdemeanor offenses. She is scheduled to make an initial court appearance Monday.

According to a criminal complaint:

Police were called to Florian's home Oct. 20 by a citizen complaint. Officers found the home covered in animal feces and garbage, with a smell that burned officers' nostrils and forced them to retreat from the home.

Animals seized from the home included 40 cats, six dogs and five birds - a macaw, two Amazons, a cockatoo and a finch. The Sheboygan County Humane Society euthanized "numerous" animals after determining they were obviously suffering.

The cats suffered from an array of illnesses, including one feline that had an ear injury through which its brain could be seen, veterinarians said. Other cats had respiratory and eye infections, abrasions, ear mites, missing teeth, sores and major flea bites.

The birds' ailments included overgrown nails that hindered perching and walking, cysts and malnutrition. Their cages were lined with cedar shavings, which are toxic for birds.

Florian greeted an arriving officer with the words, "You're not going to like what you see." She later said she was glad police had come and would not object to surrendering the animals.

Florian lived at the home with her husband, Edward, who was largely incapacitated with multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease. A building inspector who responded to the home described the couple as "hoarders" and condemned the residence as unfit for human habitation.


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