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Case ID: 18967
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
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Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011

County: Le Flore

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Alleged

» Albert McReynolds
» William McReynolds

A LeFlore County, Okla., man and his grandson have been arrested in what many investigators said was the worst animal abuse case they've seen.

"This office has worked several cases of animal cruelty with horses and cattle, but I have never seen anything similar to this," said Sheriff Bruce Curnutt.

Sheriff Bruce Curnutt says Albert McReynolds, 66, and his grandson William McReynolds, 18, are being held in the county jail. The sheriff says the men are facing felony counts of animal abuse and maybe more.

Investigators said they found multiple horse carcasses chained to dogs and scattered about the property.

"One of them (dog) was actually chained to the leg of a horse," said Curnutt.

They believe the horses were tied to the dogs so the dogs could feed off them.

Deputies were preparing to return with people to help them gather the dogs, carcasses and other horses they said are close to starvation on the property east of Honobia, Okla.


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