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Case ID: 18961
Classification: Poisoning
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011

County: Uintah

Disposition: Alleged

» Harry John Freeman
» Melinda Roper

Two people are in jail after police say they uncovered a stash of drugs and guns while investigating the poisoning of a German shepherd.

The dog was poisoned late last month in its front yard with a mix of rat poison and antifreeze, according to Naples Police Chief Mark Watkins. There were several small children living at the home who could have also been exposed to the poison, which made it a high priority case, Watkins said.

Investigators visited several retailers looking for individuals who may have purchased large amounts of rat poison and antifreeze. They found what they were looking for after reviewing surveillance video from the Walmart store in Vernal, Watkins said.

Police interviewed Harry John Freeman and Melinda Roper of Vernal, based on the surveillance video. The couple confessed to police that they poisoned the dog as a personal vendetta, saying they planned and carried out the act in order to kill the dog.

When Naples police officers executed a search warrant at their home at 68 N. 200 West, on Sunday afternoon several drugs including: methamphetamine, mushrooms and marijuana along with two pounds of Spice and drug paraphernalia, were in plan sight, Watkins said.

Freeman, 34, was booked into the Uintah County Jail for investigation of possession of a dangerous weapon by a felon, cruelty to animals, reckless endangerment and drug possession.

Roper, 35, was also booked into the jail for investigation of cruelty to animals, reckless endangerment and drug possession.

No formal charges have been filed.

Police do not believe the poisoning of the German shepherd was tied to Freeman and Roper's alleged drug activity, Watkins said.


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