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Case ID: 18956
Classification: Beating, Throwing
Animal: cat
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Friday, Nov 25, 2011

County: Hartford

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Stanislaw Ternacki

A New Britain man accused of killing three cats and injuring four others faced a judge.

Witnesses told police they saw 63 year-old Snanislaw Ternacki throwing cats off a staircase and beating them outside his New Britain home.

According to police Sgt. Harold Gannon, several people called police about 12:40 p.m. Nov. 25 reporting a man at 237 Washington St. "throwing cats from a high exterior staircase, then walking down and beating them with a stick while they were on the ground."

Responding officers found one cat dead in a trash can and two more injured so severely they had to be taken to a veterinarian to be euthanized.

Several more cats ran off. Police charged Ternacki, 63, of 235 Washington St., with animal cruelty and took him into custody. He posted $25,000 bail.

The cats were apparently left behind in an apartment by a tenant that had been evicted. The landlords asked Ternacki, a relative, for help removing the cats. They told police they didn't know what Ternacki allegedly planned to do, police said.

Stanislaw Ternacki's landlord tells News 8 he believes his tenant is innocent.

However, his neighbors are hoping justice will be served.

Rafael Serrano tells News 8 he was the one who called police.

"After he beat them with a stick, a two by four, they were being thrown right in the driveway," Serrano said.

Police say three cats were killed and four others were seriously injured. Ternacki's lawyer and neighbors say a man who was evicted from this Washington Street home left dozens of cats, and Ternacki was helping the landlord get rid of them.

That landlord wouldn't comment.

But, Barbara Krajewski, who says she's Ternacki's landlord, had a few words to say.

"They open the door and the smell from the cats was like hell," Krajewski said. "He would never kill a mosquito. He's a good, quiet man."

In court, Ternacki plead not guilty and his lawyer, Paul Catalano, says he's innocent.

"Some of these cats, the way they were treated, they were already deceased, and he tells me the cats were attacking him. He had to be hospitalized and had cuts and bites from the cats," Catalano said.

Ternacki's lawyer and landlord said several times, he would never hurt animals. But, animal activists aren't buying that. They'll be out here in full force on January 17, when he's due back in court.

Ternacki is charged with 7 counts of cruelty to animals and breach of peace.


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