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Case ID: 18915
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: horse
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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011

County: Suffolk City

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Tammy Lynn Smith

A Suffolk woman was charged with animal cruelty Tuesday after veterinarians found her two horses malnourished and living in poor conditions.

Police spokeswoman Debbie George said Animal Control began investigating Tammy Lynn Smith, 42, in July after receiving a complaint.

When Animal Control officers went to check on the animals, which were being kept in the 1400 block of Manning Road, George said they found one of the horses, a chestnut mare named Penny, too thin.

When Smith had a veterinarian come check on the horse, as required by Animal Control, the animal was diagnosed with a lung disease, George said. The condition causes the animal to breathe faster and burn more calories.

George said Smith received instructions about how to feed the animal properly and improve its condition.

Earlier this week, George said, Animal Control was called back to check on Smith's horses.

Penny was in "significantly worse condition," George said.

Both of Smith's horses were living in poor conditions, George said. While shelters are not required for livestock, the animals should be able to safely withstand the elements, she said.

Smith's animals were living in a muddy area littered with debris, George said.

After state and local veterinarians evaluated the welfare of the horses, they were seized by Animal Control and sent to foster care, she said.

George said the decision to remove animals from their owner is not taken lightly. However, Animal Control will intervene when an owner cannot or will not improve an animal's conditions, she said.


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