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Case ID: 18869
Classification: Fighting
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Drugs or alcohol involved
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Thursday, Nov 10, 2011

County: Harris

Disposition: Alleged

» Aaron Walton
» Dennis Walton

When Harris County Sheriff's deputies followed a suspicious vehicle to a home on Ripshin Road to search for drugs, they say they were greeted by a pack pit bulls.

"There were seven pit bulls on the property, they were all chained with very heavy large chains," Investigator Glenn Presley says.

"They'll chain them 7-8 feet apart where they can still jump at each other and fight at each other and stuff and that way it keeps them pumped up, their adrenaline is pumping all the time," Animal Control officer Clyde Geter says.

Officials say not only were the dogs guarding the property, but they all showed signs of abuse.

"The dogs had marks and injuries on their faces. It appeared to us that this was a dog fighting operation," Presley says.

Deputies say they also found almost a pound of marijuana on the property.

29-year-old Aaron Walton and 53-year-old Dennis Walton were both charged with possession with intent to distribute, cruelty to animals and dog fighting.

Deputies encountered pit bulls during another drug bust two weeks ago. In that case, a pit bull was shot by a deputy after it tried to attacked him. That was not the case here, all the pit bulls were chained and deputies say they were able to calm down the aggressive animals.

Authorities say it is common for drug dealers to own pit bulls.

"They act as watch dogs and also there's the other activity of dog fighting that of course increases business for the drug activity," Presley says.

Animal Control is assisting deputies with the investigation.

"Sometimes we have to put them down depending on how bad they are, if they can't be socialized. Not a lot of people take now as pets, especially if they've been treated bad, like in a situation where they're all chained up like that," Geter says.

Since the Animal Control Shelter was destroyed in Wednesday's tornado, all animals have been transferred to other facilities.


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