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Case ID: 18834
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), horse, other farm animal
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Saturday, Nov 5, 2011

County: Houston

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Lisa Tucker

A 44-year-old Houston County woman has been charged with child neglect and animal cruelty after authorities investigated a dead horse on her property, which also led to confiscation of 12 horses, seven ducks, four dogs and six cats.

Lisa Tucker, who lives at 891 Moore Branch Road, was charged with two counts of child neglect and two counts of animal cruelty after Houston County deputies executed a search warrant on Nov. 5 at her residence, said sheriff's Investigator Sgt. Brian Hooper.

Information about a dead horse on the property came to the Sheriff's Office and Hooper went to investigate on Nov. 4 with a Houston County Extension officer and a veterinarian. They found a dead horse and others that appeared malnourished and in need of medical attention, Hooper said.

"It didn't look like they would make it through the winter," he said.

During the search the subsequent day, investigators found two children living in unsatisfactory conditions within the home and Hooper said the Department of Children's Services was contacted.

Three more carcasses of dead horses were also found on the property that totaled about 7 acres.

Hooper said barbed-wire lay about on the ground and appeared to have injured some of the horses. "We didn't find any hay or straw on the place," he said. "There was only one bag of feed that we found in a car."

He said he didn't think Tucker intentionally tried to hurt the animals, but rather she didn't have the knowledge, physical ability or money to properly care for them.

"I think it was just too much for her," he said.

A group of volunteers from Volunteer Equine Advocates Horse Rescue traveled from Gallitan to collect the animals.

"They arrived with several members, and they brought trailers. They did tests on the animals, assessed their condition and gave them shots even before they loaded them up," Hooper said. "We are very appreciative of their efforts."


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