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Case ID: 18672
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat
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Monday, Sep 26, 2011

County: Hudson

Disposition: Convicted

» Mary Lewinski
» Martin Lewinski
» Joseph Lewinski

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

A woman and her 2 sons have been charged with animal cruelty after officials found more than three dozen severely malnourished cats in her house.

Mary Lewinski and her sons , Martin and Joseph Lewinski, were also charged with maintaining a nuisance, failing to register the animals and possessing more pets than are allowed by town ordinance, officials said Monday.

Officials removed 37 ailing cats from Lewinski's Centre Avenue home on Sept. 26.

Eighteen of the animals had to be euthanized because they suffered diseases, borough officials said. The others are being housed at the Secaucus Animal Shelter.

The Lewinskis are scheduled to appear in Secaucus Municipal Court at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 18, town officials said. No one answered the door at the home Monday..

David Drumeler, the Town Administrator, said the town wanted to send a strong message that it would not tolerate inhumane treatment of animals.

"We want Secaucus to be seen as an animal-friendly town," Drumeler said Monday. "That's one of the reasons why the mayor and council are pushing this with so much vigor - to let folks know that we are an animal-friendly town and this will not be tolerated."

Mayor Michael Gonnelli said he is hoping kind-hearted residents will help the town cover the cost of taking care of the cats and rescue the pets from the shelter. The cost could be between $5,000 to $10,000, he said.

"I hope they find it in their hearts to either want to foster or adopt these cats," he said.

The borough also will be seeking restitution from Lewinski, officials said.

On Monday, Gonnelli and Councilman James Clancy visited the shelter where most of the remaining cats were in silver cages. Four others, including a 12-week old kitten, were still with the veterinarian, he said.

"They are doing OK, all things considered," said Eddie McClure, who works at the shelter.

Since last week, the cats have been de-wormed, treated for ticks and fleas and ear mites and have received rabies shots, Gonnelli said.

"I think they would make great pets," Gonnelli said, pointing to the improvements made in just the few days the cats have been at the shelter. "They were not used to litter boxes when we got them, now they are going to the litter boxes."

Anyone interested in adopting one of the cats or donating towards their care may call Secaucus Town Hall at 201-330-2000.

Case Updates

Martin, Joe, and their 85-year-old mother Mary Lewinsky pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges Tuesday in Secaucus Municipal Court, according to court officials. The three had charges brought against them by the town after Secaucus Animal Control discovered 37 allegedly malnourished and dehydrated cats in their home on Sept. 26. Eighteen of the animals were euthanized due to poor health conditions, according to officials. Each individual will be required to pay $233 per ticket.

Mayor Michael Gonnelli said that he was glad that most of the remaining cats found homes and were adopted out by the shelter. "I think there are only six [cats] left," he said at Tuesday's Town Council meeting. "There is a little bit of light on a bad situation. I am glad that it is now over."

The Lewinskys could not be reached for comment.

Mary Lewinsky was charged with animal cruelty and failing to register the animals. Additional charges of maintaining a nuisance and possessing more pets than allowed by town ordinance were dropped.

Martin and Joe plead guilty to animal cruelty and exceeding the maximum number of cats allowed. Charges for failing to register the cats and maintaining a nuisance were dropped.

The town originally charged all three of them last October with animal cruelty, maintaining a nuisance, failing to register the animals, and possessing more pets than are allowed by town ordinance.
Source: - Feb 17, 2012
Update posted on Feb 17, 2012 - 7:58AM 


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