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Case ID: 18572
Classification: Hoarding, Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), rabbit (pet)
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Wednesday, Sep 7, 2011

County: Randolph

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

» Dale A. Knag
» Donna Knag

A Ridgeville couple were accused Wednesday of abandoning their menagerie of pets -- a dozen cats, two dogs and two rabbits, one of which was found dead.

Randolph County Prosecutor David Daly's office charged Dale A. Knag, 57, and Donna Knag, 48, with two counts each of cruelty to an animal, a Class A misdemeanor carrying a maximum one-year jail term.

According to a report by Ridgeville Town Marshal Allan Holly, his department received an anonymous note on Sept. 7 indicating animals had been left behind when the Knags moved out of their house at 408 N. Sheridan St.

A search warrant was obtained, and police that day entered the house, accompanied by Dawn Moland of Animal Cruelty Rescue.

The initial search turned up 12 cats, the dogs and one rabbit. Most of the animals appeared to be in "fairly good health," Holly reported.

"Food for the animals was found inside the home but all water bowls (were) empty," the marshal wrote.

One of the dogs was found in a basement with no access to food or water, "living in its own (excrement)."

The animals were removed from the house and taken to a veterinarian's office, where they were treated for fleas and ear mites.

Holly reported a note was left "stating the location of the animals for the Knags if in fact they returned," and the house's owners were made aware of the situation.

Moland returned to the Sheridan Street home on Sept. 9, when she captured one more cat and then made a gruesome discovery -- finding the body of the second rabbit, left under a box.

The Portland residents who own the Ridgeville house had filed eviction proceedings against the Knags on Aug. 19, alleging they had failed to pay rent.

Randolph Superior Court Judge Peter Haviza issued "orders of ejectment" on Aug. 30. On Wednesday, the Randolph County sheriff's office reported they had been unable to serve those orders, saying the Knags "have moved."

Another small-claims case against the Knags filed by a Losantville couple last December resulted in a court order for the removal of 28 animals, apparently from rented property along Randolph County Road 600-N.


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