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Case ID: 18423
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011

County: Bennington

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Julea D. Larsen

A Woodford woman is facing criminal charges after police said she hit a dog on Route 7 in Pownal on Wednesday and assaulted troopers who arrested her for in connection to the incident later that night at her home.

Julea Larsen, 33, of Woodford, was cited for two counts of assault on a police officer, unlawful mischief, driving with a criminally suspended license, animal cruelty and possession of amphetamines, according to a press release sent by Trooper Justin Walker of the Vermont State Police.

Walker said police were contacted by the dog's owners on Wednesday around 8 p.m. Family members said a woman driving a black Volkswagen Jetta had hit the dog on Route 7 in Pownal and fled. They were also able to give police a description of the driver and the Jetta's license plate number.

Police did not say whether the dog survived.

Through a tip, police were able to locate Larsen in Woodford. Walker said she admitted to driving the car and hitting the dog.

Larsen became "irate and highly agitated" and "combative" after police took her into custody, according to Walker, even after she was placed in handcuffs. She was placed in the back of a Vermont State Police cruiser and kicked out a rear window, police said.

Troopers Wayne Godfrey and Walker suffered minor injuries from the flying glass. Walker said Larsen later kicked and struck him and Godfrey.

Bennington Police officers assisted troopers in bringing Larsen to the Vermont State Police barracks in Shaftsbury. After being cited, she was released without bail but ordered to appear in Bennington criminal court on Monday.


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