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Case ID: 17998
Classification: Bestiality
Animal: horse
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

County: Olmsted

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Gregory Mark Soukup

A 39-year-old Rochester man was charged with two felonies Thursday in Olmsted County District Court for allegedly injuring a male quarter horse, leading to the animal's death.

Gregory Mark Soukup, 1029 Sixth Ave. S.E., is accused of inserting his hand and a lancing whip up the horse's rectum at a farm where he sometimes helped out.

According to the complaint, Soukup arrived at the farm on the afternoon of May 29 while the owner was away. The horse was in obvious distress when the owner returned home after being gone about 90 minutes, the complaint says. The horse had to be euthanized because of the severe internal injuries it suffered.

Soukup was charged with cruelty to animals and first-degree property damage.

Soukop's next court appearance is scheduled for June 13.


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