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Case ID: 17812
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Friday, Apr 1, 2011

County: Androscoggin

Disposition: Alleged
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Alleged: Donald Otis Hebert, IV

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A downtown man was charged Wednesday after his children found their dog with duct tape wrapped around his mouth and eyes.

Donald Otis Hebert IV, 46, of 70 Googin St., was arrested on a warrant charging him with two counts of cruelty to animals.

Hebert's children discovered the pit bull bound in tape earlier in the month, police said.

The children had arrived at the Googin Street home and went looking for the dog. They found it, an investigator said, in the bathroom.

The animal had duct tape wrapped around its mouth so it could not eat, drink or bark. More tape had been used to cover its eyes, police said.

"The children had the presence of mind to remove the dog from the home," Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout said.

The kids took the pit bull to their mother, who removed the duct tape and took the dog to the Animal Emergency Clinic on Strawberry Avenue, Strout said.

As the dog was being examined, a number of cuts were found on its legs, Strout said. The cuts were reasonably deep. Strout said he has not determined how the dog received those injuries.

Strout said there were distinct patches around the dog's face where the tape had been placed.

Police went to Hebert's home so Strout could interview him about the incident. Hebert refused to talk, Strout said. Police got a warrant and arrested Herbert early Wednesday morning at a home on Pierce Street.

In the warrant, Herbert is charged with two counts of cruelty to animals, one count alleging that he failed to provide medical attention for his dog's cuts, the other charging that he subjected the animal to unnecessary suffering.

Investigators said they believe Hebert used duct tape on his dog because he did not want to deal with it. Strout convinced a judge to apply conditions to Hebert's bail forbidding him from having contact with animals and from using drugs or alcohol.

"The animal shelter is five minutes away from his house," Strout said Wednesday. "If he was incapable of taking care of the dog, he could have brought it there. They would have taken it. Instead, he chose to handle things his own way and this is the outcome."

Case Updates

Donald Ottis Hebert IV pleaded not guilty Friday to 52 misdemeanor and felony counts of burglary, criminal mischief and theft in dozens of break-ins between May 2 and July 14 in Androscoggin County.

Hebert, 46, of 70 Googin St. in Lewiston, appeared in Androscoggin County Superior Court with his court-appointed attorney, Alan Lobozzo. Hebert has been held on $10,000 cash bail at the Androscoggin County Jail since his arrest on July 14.

According to court records, Hebert broke into 25 businesses since early May, including an alleged burglary at the Dairy Treat in Lewiston in June and again at the same shop in July. In June, he is alleged to have taken more than $1,000 in cash plus a safe from the ice cream shop and, last month, is alleged to have stolen another $1,000 in cash and property there.

During the 11-week period of the alleged burglaries and thefts, Hebert is believed to have taken or destroyed well over $30,000 in cash and property from businesses and nonprofits in Lewiston, Auburn, Turner and Lisbon.

In addition to burglary and theft at Dairy Treat, burglaries occurred at Longchamps & Sons Inc. Construction and New England Vending in Lisbon.

In Lewiston, Hebert is alleged to have committed burglaries at Langlois Body Shop, Tri-State Insulation, Grimmel's Service Station, Edward's Restaurant, Gendron's Mobil, Maine Cycle, Young Guns Service Center, Euro Motors, the Sun Journal, Hahnel Brothers Co., E S Boulas, Fast Breaks Restaurant, Start to Finish, Top Notch Fabrication, Al's Sports Center, Chick-A-Dee Restaurant and Dairy Joy.

Hebert also is charged with breaking into the Knights of Columbus Hall, the Elks Club and a Lewiston Parks and Recreation building, where he is alleged to have destroyed file cabinets and other city property.

In Auburn, Hebert has been charged with burglaries at Reggie's Sales and Service tractor supply, and, in Turner, with a burglary at K&K Excavating.

He was arrested July 14 at Reggie's Sales & Service on Minot Avenue, shortly before 2:30 a.m., when his entrance to the building set off an alarm.

Of all the burglaries included in the indictment, the greatest damage occurred at Gendron's Mobil in May, where Hebert is alleged to have taken money and baseball cards valued at more than $10,000.

In addition to a charge of violating conditions of release and one charge of stealing marijuana from an authorized marijuana dealer, Hebert faces 27 charges of felony burglary, 11 charges of theft by unauthorized taking, three charges of criminal mischief and eight charges of aggravated criminal mischief.

In court Friday, Justice MaryGay Kennedy read aloud each of the 52 charges against Hebert, and asked him to enter pleas to each charge separately. It took several minutes to work through the list, and Hebert leaned forward on a railing and started shaking his head after the 40th charge against him was read aloud.

After the charges were read and the not guilty pleas accepted, Hebert did not challenge his bail amount of $10,000 cash, or to conditions that " if released from jail " he not use or possess alcohol or drugs, that he remain in Maine and that he undergo substance-abuse counseling.

If convicted of all charges, according to Maine statute, he could face sentences totaling more than 230 years in jail and nearly $250,000 in fines.

Hebert was also charged earlier this year with two counts of animal cruelty after Lewiston police rescued a 6-month-old pit bull named Sammy, that allegedly had duct tape wrapped around its eyes and mouth, at Hebert's home.

According to police, Hebert's children found the dog in the bathroom, where the animal had been shut to silence him. The dog was treated at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society and later offered for adoption.
Source: - Aug 6, 2011
Update posted on Aug 6, 2011 - 7:20PM 
A 6-month-old pit bull named Sammy, who allegedly had duct tape wrapped around its eyes and mouth, had also been bound with rope, a veterinarian said Thursday.

In spite of his injuries, Sammy was doing well and on Saturday he'll be put up for adoption.

The dog was being treated at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society nearly two weeks after police said he was shut up in a bathroom with tape over his eyes and mouth.

Donald Otis Hebert IV, 46, of 70 Googin St., was arrested Wednesday on two counts of animal cruelty. Investigators say Hebert used duct tape to silence the dog because he didn't want to be bothered.

It was his children who found the pit bull in the bathroom of the Googin Street home, police said. Since then, Sammy has been in the care of the Animal Emergency Clinic and the Humane Society.

Not for much longer though, says Zack Black, manager of the shelter. At 10 a.m. Saturday, Sammy will officially be available for adoption.

Black doesn't expect to encounter any problems finding Sammy a home. The dog is still skittish after the trauma, he said, but he interacts well with other animals and children who give him space.

"He's friendly with everyone," Black said. "He's a happy-go-lucky dog."

Dr. Stephen Kinney treated Sammy and said the signs of abuse were clear. Even so, the animal was healing well and, beyond the possibility of scars on his legs, should recover completely.

"Everything is healing good," Kinney said. "He's a really friendly fellow."

On Thursday, Sammy was also a bit of a rock star. Reporters came to the shelter to see him. Photographers wanted to take his picture.

Black said he expects a lot of interest this weekend as Sammy becomes available. He hopes the people who come to see him will also take a look at the other dogs, cats and various other critters.

"We have a lot of other animals," he said, "who need homes, too."
Source: - Apr 29, 2011
Update posted on Apr 29, 2011 - 3:21PM 


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