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Case ID: 17691
Classification: Fighting
Animal: dog (pit-bull)
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Sunday, Apr 10, 2011

County: Philadelphia

Disposition: Alleged
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» Vincent Floyd
» Theodore Gaines
» Rashawn Coleman
» Paul Greenidge
» Paul Escobosa
» Marcquel Johnson
» Juan Rosa
» Jonathan Galarza
» Jerome Davis
» Jeffrey Harris
» Henry Beard
» Edward Gonzalez
» Donte Jones
» Daniel Parmegiani

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The Pennsylvania SPCA worked overtime Monday morning, raiding homes across the city to break up what officials called the largest dog fighting ring they've ever seen in this city. In all, fourteen males (listed below) were arrested and charged with Criminal Conspiracy and Cruelty to Animals.

Officials say the dogfighting ring had been under surveillance for a while. And late Sunday night, early Monday morning, the Pennsylvania SPCA with Philadelphia police acting on a tip that fights were happening, raided a home on the 2600 block of Gerritt Street.

Pennsylvania SPCA director of law enforcement, George Bengal says when they entered the house, there were around 25 people watching a fight in progress.

"They actually ran, and left the dogs in the ring fighting, unattended when we entered the property."

Those two dogs that were fighting, Bengal says are in pretty bad shape. In all six dogs were taken from that house. The 14 men who were arrested are:

* Vincent Floyd 22 year old male from the 3000 block of Mifflin Street
* Theodore Gaines 23 year old male from the 5900 block of Christian Street
* Rashawn Coleman 30 year old male from the 2200 block of Sergeant Street
* Paul Greenidge 38 year old male from the 1400 block of Napfle Street
* Paul Escobosa 19 year old male from the 700 block of North Hilton Street
* Marcquel Johnson 27 year old male from the 900 block of South 59th Street
* Juan Rosa 24 year old male from the 3000 block of North Potter Street
* Jonathan Galarza 26 year old male from the 4000 block of North Reese Street
* Jerome Davis 41 year old male from the 3600 block of Potter Street
* Jeffrey Harris 32 year old male from the 1100 block of East Rittenhouse Street
* Henry Beard 42 year old male from the 3200 block of Magee Street
* Edward Gonzalez 28 year old male from the 700 block of East Clearfield Street
* Donte Jones 19 year old male from the 3000 block of Marlow Street
* Daniel Parmegiani 33 year old male from the 1500 block of South Newkirk Street

At about 7 a.m. Monday, officials raided another home -- this one in Kensington -- where Bengal says they found 12 dogs stacked in cages in the basement alongside a collection of drugs, weapons, and dog fighting paraphernalia.

Case Updates

Authorities say there have been more arrests stemming from a dog fighting ring bust earlier this week.

Police arrested two more people and the SPCA seized eight more dogs from a home in Northeast Philadelphia.

Animal cruelty officers said they found fighting equipment, records and what appeared to be a fighting ring inside the home.

On Sunday night, police raided a home in Southwest Philadelphia and caught a dog fight in action. More than two dozen dogs were rescued and 14 people were arrested.
Source: MyFox Philly - April 14, 2011
Update posted on Apr 14, 2011 - 1:07PM 


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