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Case ID: 17377
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Saturday, Jan 29, 2011

County: Poinsett

Disposition: Open
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Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

A Region 8 police department Sunday confirmed an animal cruelty investigation in Poinsett County. Police said someone placed a garbage bag inside a dumpster at the BP gas station in Waldenburg, but three newborn puppies were inside it. Two of the animals died. Weiner Police Chief Rolland Geror said the puppies were discovered by a clerk.

"I got called by the clerk at the Waldenburg BP station about, when he came outside to deliver some trash to this dumpster," said Geror. "He heard some whining, like some animal crying. When he came back to this corner here, he pulled up a bag, opened it up and found a live puppy there. He took it inside, got on the phone and called me."

Inside the bag were three newborn puppies. Geror said they were only a few days old. Two of the animals were dead. One was lucky enough to survive and is currently in custody of Northeast Arkansans for Animals.

"I collected the bag. I collected receipts and some other evidence. We're still working on those. We're in the process on those. We're asking for subpoenas for certain records," said Geror.

Geror said he should get a still picture of a person of interest in the case Monday. When he gets the picture, he said he'll ask the public for information. Some of the receipts found in the bag were from a local bank. Some receipts were from Pocahontas and Hoxie.

"We took the bag out. I photographed everything. We marked it for evidence. We found two more dead puppies in the bag itself," said Geror. "The top was tied up and you could see where the clerk had opened the bag up to get the puppy out."

When asked who the person of interest is, Geror said the person is a middle aged man. Geror couldn't make sense of the situation.

"If you were to have called them (NAFA), they would have taken care of those puppies. They would have tried to. We don't know the condition of the puppies when they actually put them in the bag, but based on the condition of the one puppy that was alive, I'm going to say the other two were probably alive at that point in time also," said Geror. "I just know we got some good evidence out of the garbage bag. We got certain receipts. We got bank receipts out of there. We're going to ask for records. The last date on receipts was January 28th at approximately 2:43."

According to Arkansas law, animal cruelty is a felony which carries a maximum punishment of $10,000 and up to six years in prison.

"It is ridiculous. I wish that he would have at least contacted Wannda Turner. She made the comment to me that if they would have just called, she would have taken care of the dog. She's rather see that happen than them just sitting out here in a dumpster and suffocating," said Geror.


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